September’s USPS Changes Brings a Price Cut

Published on January 4, 2022
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Usually when I look at the updates to the rates for USPS, it brings bad news for shippers: increased rates. This time, though, we’re given good news: the rates are decreasing for Priority Mail through Commercial Base and Commerce Plus Pricing (these are the rates you get by using the integrated USPS postage accounts through ShipStation).

While the decreases do range depending on weight, zone, and package type, you can save as much as nearly $15 per package on some CBP rates and nearly $11 per package on some CPP rates. The sweet spot for saving the most amount of money seems to be around the 20 lb. mark, with the best rate cuts lying there for zone 5.

Most of the price cuts occur between 5 and 26 lbs. and only for zones 1 – 5. Remember, zones change based on your shipping origin, and you can use this page on USPS’s site to help find where each of your zones lie.

Want to see the full breakdown of prices? Check out’s blog post for the table.

Remember, these prices go into effect this Sunday, September 7th.

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