GlobalPost SmartSaver and ShipStation Simplify International Shipping

Published on July 17, 2023
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ShipStation and GlobalPost provide simple and affordable shipping. And if you ship more than 5 international packages per day, you’re eligible to save up to 30% more on postage thanks to GlobalPost SmartSaver. GlobalPost is a leader in affordable, convenient international delivery. One way that GlobalPost and ShipStation simplified shipping is by improving GlobalPost SmartSaver. This gives you a better way to consolidate, ship, and save money on international shipping. Get the best services at the lowest rates for every shipment.

How GlobalPost SmartSaver Works

How to Print GlobalPost SmartSaver and Container Labels

GlobalPost SmartSaver consists of inner labels and outer labels. Inner labels are the labels that you put on the parcels being sent to your customers. You will configure and fulfill these packages as you would any other with one exception. You then consolidate them into a larger container. This provides international shippers with a streamlined, affordable delivery option.

When you print all the SmartSaver labels for the day, place all your orders from a given Ship From location into a single, larger container. Next, you ship the container to the nearest GlobalPost facility. Here, your parcels are sorted and sent on to the next step in the delivery process.

Creating an outer label or “container label” for your SmartSaver shipments is simple. ShipStation treats container shipments like an end-of-day manifest. Select the shipments going into your container and click Create Container Label. Container labels are free of charge!

GlobalPost works with USPS to send SmartSaver parcels to the nearest GlobalPost facility. As a result, the container label will be a USPS label. So, you have to follow the weight and dimensional guidelines for USPS. For more information on sending SmartSaver shipments to GlobalPost, read our help center article!

Unlock Global Ecommerce with ShipStation and GlobalPost

GlobalPost helps overcome the barriers of international shipping. With GlobalPost, you unlock an international network of carriers and last-mile providers. You can provide an unforgettable delivery experience—regardless of where customers live.

While SmartSaver requires a minimum shipping volume, other GlobalPost services are instantly available to ShipStation users. They offer a wide range of international shipping services and features. With a network of postal couriers and last-mile carriers, your package arrives affordably and quickly. GlobalPost uses multiple carriers for the most affordable and quickest last-mile delivery. This allows them to quickly deliver to over 220 countries and territories around the globe.

GlobalPost Economy International: An affordable option for sending small parcels up to 4.4 lbs. Delivery takes 6–10 days to make final delivery to addresses in supported destination countries. GlobalPost Economy International offers tracking into the destination country or, “Door to Country”. But it does not track to the end recipient’s doorstep.

GlobalPost Standard International: An economic delivery option that takes 6–10 days for parcels weighing up to 70 lbs. It also has the added advantage of “Door to Door” tracking.

GlobalPost Plus: This is GlobalPost’s Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service for parcels sent to Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. GlobalPost Plus allows you to pay duties and taxes on behalf of your customers. This removes surprise fees at delivery for the recipient. GlobalPost Plus includes advanced customs clearance. This helps goods clear customs electronically before arriving. This helps expedite the whole delivery process.

All the Carriers You Need with ShipStation Carriers

With ShipStation Carriers you can start shipping orders once you sign up! When you sign up for immediate access to discounted, pre-negotiated rates to some of the world’s top postage providers. There is no need to open and manage your own, separate carrier accounts. Additionally, you purchase all of your ShipStation Carrier labels from a single ShipStation postage balance. Instead of managing payments for multiple postal accounts, use just one balance for all labels!

Once you activate ShipStation Carriers, you can create labels using any of the available services immediately and print labels for the following carriers and providers:

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