Grow Your Selling Presence with Best Buy Canada and ShipStation

Published on January 4, 2022
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ShipStation is partnering with Best Buy Canada to offer shipping solutions to their Marketplace sellers. Best Buy is Canada’s largest electronics retailer with nationwide stores, an award-winning website and Geek Squad services. Best Buy Canada’s Marketplace furthers its reach by offering third-party sellers an online marketplace. While Best Buy Canada’s physical retail spaces are mainly known for electronics, their Marketplace offers items ranging from electronics to furniture, e-Mobility, jewelry and many other product categories.

How Best Buy Canada’s Marketplace has grown

During Best Buy Canada Marketplace’s first year, 1 in 12 transactions were fulfilled by third-party sellers. By the end of its third year, that number rose closer to 1 in 4. Sellers have an opportunity to be a part of a growing marketplace with an established customer base. You can tap into one of Canada’s largest online markets without having to invest additional resources in marketing or technology upgrades.

How marketplaces can boost your business

Whether you’re seeking new sales channels to grow your business, or you’re trying to expand your assortment, an online marketplace has something to offer. It’s time to figure out where your business fits in. Best Buy Canada’s Marketplace gives sellers an efficient approach to offering everything that their customers want. ShipStation’s users who are interested in becoming part of Best Buy’s Marketplace can find out more on the Marketplace website.

Creating an endless aisle online

With the help of its Marketplace, Best Buy Canada has grown its product assortment close to 1 million products and achieved dominance in new categories. They can work with sellers to offer whatever their customers are looking for. As a result, Best Buy Canada is leading in categories that you might not expect. Their top sellers are still items like laptops and cell phones. But Best Buy Canada is now one of the largest online retailers in Canada for luggage, fitness equipment, and even electric scooters. Regardless of what you sell, Best Buy Canada’s Marketplace can be a simple solution for growing your business. 

How ShipStation helps Marketplace sellers

If you sell across multiple selling channels, shipping can be time-consuming. Finding a way to quickly configure shipping information for all your orders regardless of the order source is crucial. Different orders require different shipping options. Automatically applying the appropriate shipping services cuts down on fulfillment time. Furthermore, multi-channel sellers may find difficulty promoting their brands when selling through marketplaces. 

When you use ShipStation, you can brand your customer communications, such as packing slips, emails, and branded tracking pages. This level of branding creates greater brand loyalty between you and your customers—increasing the likelihood of repeat customers.  

Save time and money with ShipStation the best online shipping platform for your ecommerce business.

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