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Published on January 4, 2022
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Handshake was founded by Glen Coates in 2010. His vision was to create a platform that would simplify B2B commerce. Needless to say, he was successful. By developing Handshake, Glen was able to create a platform that enables merchants to grow their business efficiently. Handshake works with all types of companies. From footwear, to music, to food & beverage, Handshake is there to help. 

Some features we support include:

Dedicated apps for sales reps and B2B buyers:
Help streamline ordering and provide a better customer experience across all your B2B sales channels. 

Advanced Pricing System:
Designed for B2B needs. For example, customer-specific, and customer-group pricing, quantity price breaks, and much more.

Bulk order entry workflows:
Supports fast, accurate order entry by buyers and sales reps. Use instant reordering based on order history. You can also upload products to the shopping cart from a CSV file.

Advanced B2B ordering capabilities:
Including orders split across multiple delivery dates and locations. Handshake also supports seasonal catalogs with independent content and pricing.

Robust inventory support:
Including multiple warehouses, inventory display rules, backorder prevention, and restock dates.

Territory Management:
To assign sales reps, sales managers and their customer accounts to your sales territories.

Through our partnership with Handshake merchants can run their B2B commerce with ease. Optimize your business with their game-changing platform and fulfill orders through ShipStation. Learn more about how ShipStation and Handshake work together to deliver a unified commerce experience.

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