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Published on March 25, 2022
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In 2006, Ken and Missy Richardson started We Sell Mats in their two-car garage. They needed floor mats for their daughters to practice gymnastics, but had a hard time finding them at the right price. After thorough research, the Richardsons discovered that they could source more affordable foam themselves and offer excellent quality mats to others. We Sell Mats is now a leading supplier of mats with a growing number of product offerings. Their team sells products on multiple marketplaces and operates out of four warehouses.

We Sell Mats had already implemented ShipStation when they brought Jake Miller, the Operations Director, onto the team. Jake manages the company’s inventory and fulfillment process and attributes their shipping success partly to ShipStation: “One of the largest factors to it is the way that we’re allowed to manipulate orders. So the fact that I can search by status, date, whoever it’s assigned to, by tag. Anything that I want, I can sort, and I can filter my orders in ShipStation that way. And then the icing on that cake is your automation rules”. We Sell Mats currently use 53 different automation rules on ShipStation.

Automation Rules 

Automation rules make We Sell Mats’ busy fulfillment process easier for Jake and his team: “I don’t have to remember anything now.” Orders will automatically be assigned the correct tags and specifications, including whether an order needs to be billed to a third-party. Because their products are sold on multiple marketplaces, it’s important to organize orders quickly and efficiently before shipping them out. When an order is imported into ShipStation, automation rules immediately assign one of We Sell Mats’ four warehouses based on the order’s location. Once a location is selected, Jake can see the live carrier rates and then change the location if there’s a more efficient option. 

Amazon Direct Fulfillment 

We Sell Mats has found success quickly on Amazon, where they now sell thousands of orders through Amazon’s Direct Fulfillment program. This growth happened quickly, and Jake found his team struggling to fulfill the increasing orders manually: “It took off like a rocket ship. So we weren’t prepared as far as how to respond to it. It took four people probably close to six or seven hours to handle all the shipping labels for the day”. Once they connected their Amazon store to ShipStation, the time and effort spent printing labels were cut significantly. It now takes one person a maximum of two hours to print all of the shipping labels for the day. 

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eBridge Connections

The team at We Sell Mats was searching for an EDI solution that would integrate Amazon at ShipStation. After going through a few EDI solutions that didn’t quite meet their needs, the team found eBridge Connections. eBridge was the right price for We Sell Mats, while also fulfilling all of their EDI integration needs. eBridge worked with We Sell Mats to create a connection completely configured to their business’ unique data and connection needs.

Workflows automated:

  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Invoice
  • Invoice released
  • Shipment
  • Shipping request

“Firstly, my kids love these mats. Secondly, Team eBridge was happy to work with Jake to provide a ShipStation to Amazon EDI integration solution that helps his business comply, grow and handle high volumes. Our eBridge Cloud is equipped to handle high order volumes, and since it is hosted on Microsoft Azure it is reliable and secure. We’re so excited to support We Sell Mats as they take off like a rocketship into the future, combating kid boredom one mat at a time.” Lindsay Hampson, Senior Marketing Manager, eBridge Connections


The integrations with ShipStation and eBridge have made multichannel selling and fulfillment quicker and easier for We Sell Mats. When shopping online, customers want their items as soon as possible. Jake says: “ShipStation has allowed me to manipulate large volumes of orders and process them quickly so that I can fulfill them faster. So it has allowed me to grow and get the items out to customers.” 

Along with the right solutions, We Sell Mats continues to grow and adapt their shipping and fulfillment processes to meet rising demand. 

Learn more about ShipStation’s solution with eBridge Connections.

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