Shoot for the Stars with Interstellar

Published on January 4, 2022
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This Halloween, ShipStation is putting on an astronaut costume to welcome our newest partner, Interstellar!

Interstellar works with online merchants who are looking for help in defining attainable growth goals, strengthening their internal team, and optimizing their reach and retention of customers. Their focus is on creating sustainable growth and long-term success for merchants by building strategies rooted in data.

They believe in identifying qualified audiences, and creating customer activation strategies and digital experiences that drive awareness and increase customer value. They are confident that people buy from brands they like and buy more from brands they love. So here are some ways Interstellar can help you reach eCommerce star status:

  • Audience Definition – This is a big world, filled with near-infinite things that compete for your customer’s attention. And for those who are truly living life, focusing on time well-spent stretches beyond families and careers, into every aspect of our lives. To build meaningful relationships with your audience, you must understand their needs and desires, and learn their digital behavior in order to confidently reach and engage across channels and devices – Because timing is critical.
  • Ideas + Experiences – You can’t just build a store and expect customers to come running. Asking for the attention of your audience comes with a responsibility to deliver something they want to engage with, something that simply connects. Effective eCommerce experiences should consider how customers engage with you in front of the screen, but also when they’re not.
  • Building Community – To reach your audience, you must be where they are. Your search and social presence should be a natural extension of your brand platform, building loyalty with new customers and inspiring advocacy with your base. This is a critical point of validation with digital customers today, who expect much more than a tweet. They demand valuable shopping experiences beyond your website.

Together, ShipStation and Interstellar will take the headache out of choosing the right logistics partner and provide you, the merchant, with tremendous value at the same time. Learn more about ShipStation’s partnership with Interstellar and follow the link below to start your free ShipStation trial!

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