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2022 Holiday Shipping Deadlines for Canada

Use our holiday shipping deadlines for all the major carriers in Canada to make sure you deliver packages on time for the Christmas season.

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Best Shipping Options in Canada

Finding the best shipping options for shipping your parcels domestically or internationally doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, once you figure out which services work best for local deliveries, shipments heading across Canada, or crossborder, you’ll be able to develop a workflow of automatically selecting the best carrier service and package type for each […]

Case Studies
How Partake Brewing grew sales by 100% in one month in partnership with Canada Post and ShipStation

Cheers Through The Years For Ted Fleming, creator of the non-alcoholic beer company Partake, necessity really is the mother of invention. After a beer-loving Ted was diagnosed with a medical condition that precluded him from drinking alcohol, he was left feeling like an outsider at social events like happy hours and hockey games. He needed […]

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How to Ship Cannabis in Canada: Your FAQs Answered

Bio: Purolator Inc. is a leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider. Celebrating over 60 years of delivering its customers’ promises, Purolator continues to expand its reach and renowned service levels and reliability to more people, more businesses and more places across the country and around the world. Purolator is proud of its Canadian […]

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ShipStation now supports Canada Post!

As most of you know, ShipStation has been limited to US-based e-retailers since we launched our app a year and a half ago. Well, now you can tell all your Canadian friends about us, because we just released our integration with Canada Post! For you oldbies of ShipStation: If you are one of those companies […]


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