BackerKit helps crowd funders manager their backer data, and integrates with ShipStation to ship in a snap. Together, we’ve got your back!

About BackerKit

BackerKit is a DIY backer management system for project creators who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns. Getting funding is only the first step in the long and winding crowdfunding journey, but between surveying backers and shipping, BackerKit’s got it covered.

BackerKit Features We Support

Exclusive integration with popular crowdfunding platforms

Backer data (including address information, reward orders, SKU listings) synced in one click

Product weights and reward quantities

Itemized list of product orders and reward combinations

Tracking Number send to backers through BackerKit

ShipStation ♥ BackerKit

BackerKit was designed to help make the crowdfunding process way easier for project creators so they can focus on doing what they love — creating! Part of that is ensuring that project creators can deliver their rewards quickly and easily. By integrating with ShipStation, backer data becomes fulfillment-ready in one click.


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