Automating Customer Support with DigitalGenius and ShipStation

DigitalGenius is the code-free customer experience platform for e-commerce powered by artificial intelligence.

Set up instant customer support using integrations and customise automations that manage customers through the buying journey in multiple channels. Gather essential customer information and remove friction at every touchpoint to increase customer satisfaction, improve handling times and reduce costs, all without hiring more agents.

The platform is already used by forward thinking e-commerce businesses such as Quiksilver, G Star, Volcom and many others power better customer experiences online.


Features & Benefits

Improve every step of the customer buying journey

Connect the touchpoints through your customers buying lifecycle to create happy customers.


Connect the touchpoints through your customers buying lifecycle to create happy customers.

Benefit from a solution that continues to evolve and grow. Every use case, intent and interaction is added and stored within DigitalGenius’ AI and can be harnessed and implemented by any of our customers.


Confidently manage unpredictable and seasonal spikes in volume

Build excellence into your e-commerce business by leveraging 50+ pre-trained AI use cases, specific to e-commerce in multiple languages to quickly and accurately manage key customer interactions such as; Order Status Updates, Returns & Refunds, Cancellations and Changes to Orders.


Address and resolve issues before customers contact you

Deliver an exceptional experience to you customers by proactively delivering alerts to them regarding their orders. Resolve requests before they’ve happened and keep customers informed at every stage of the delivery process.


Meet consumer expectations online and offline

Customer expect a modern buying experience where the online and offline environments connect seamlessly. E-commerce businesses can drive the connection between online-offline experience to drive more sales through different online channels by immediately alerting customers to product availability and drive sales in store.


Implement and use e-commerce automation at scale

Invest in automation to future-proof your E-commerce business without hiring more staff.


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