About NetSuite Plugin by FarApp

FarApp was the very first connector company for NetSuite, formed back in 2002. We have been operating purely as a connector company for that past 15+ years and specific to NetSuite ERP and eCommerce platforms, such as shopping carts, marketplaces, and POS systems. We also specialize in logistics (3PL) integrations to complete the eCommerce workflow in full, from order creation to fulfillment.

The FarApp ShipStation connector is a high-quality, fully customizable solution that provides real-time integration between ShipStation and your existing business system like NetSuite ERP. With the FarApp Connector for ShipStation, you can seamlessly have NetSuite and ShipStation sending order, fulfillment, and transfer order data between the two platforms. Automate your workflow with FarApp and take the manual component out of your day-to-day.

FarApp Features We Support

  • Seamlessly Communicate with ShipStation
  • Exports designated sales orders to ShipStation
  • Imports shipment confirmation to your existing business system like NetSuite
  • Handles partial fulfillments and multiple packages automatically
  • Syncs transfer orders and transfer order fulfillments
  • Includes email notifications for error reporting

ShipStation ♥ FarApp

FarApp has maintained the ShipStation connector for more than 5 years, and we have been recommending ShipStation as the best cloud-based 3PL software for almost that entire time. We launched the beta in 2013 and officially launched it in 2014. Our sales and integration teams are very familiar with ShipStation, its ins-and-outs, and we advocate for the brand constantly.


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