GLS delivers Parcels to People and is fully integrated with ShipStation

GLS is a leading parcel service provider and now delivers the online world to make shipping that much easier for people in today’s market.

The strength of the GLS Canada network can’t be beat! GLS is always close to its customers to provide fast and seamless pickup and delivery services for both commercial and residential customers. For more than 50 years, customers rely on GLS for its flexibility, speed, and overall customer experience.

ShipStation is now integrated with GLS Canada to provide quick and easy shipping solutions with our best-in-class services. This complete platform provides up-to-date discounted rates and shipping label creation instantaneously. Schedule pickups and monitor all your tracking information in one place in real-time.


Access your GLS Canada Negotiated Rates

Leverage shipping rates specific to your account for the best discounts.

GLS Canada Discounted Rates

Benefit from ShipStation’s reduced rates with GLS.

Technology that Makes the Difference

Create, track and manage your shipments in real-time at every step of the way.

Next-Day Deliveries

GLS Canada delivers more shipments to more people overnight in Quebec and Ontario.

Coast-to-Coast Coverage

GLS is deeply rooted across local communities for deliveries to more Canadians quickly and with ease. GLS goes further faster.

Flexible Services

Manage services to fit your delivery requirements.

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