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Inventory Planner by Sage

Get inventory forecasts and buying recommendations you can count on

Inventory Planner by Sage is the premier inventory planning software for e-commerce businesses.

The top-tier solution helps thousands of entrepreneurs and enterprise businesses across the globe reduce their time investment, adapt quickly to market shifts, and bolster their profits through smart purchasing decisions generated by our demand forecasting capabilities.

Inventory Planner offers powerful integrations with key e-commerce and marketplace platforms such as Shopify, Amazon and BigCommerce.

By leveraging our inventory analysis and product forecasting features, merchants of all sizes avoid spending countless hours toiling over tedious spreadsheets. With smart replenishment strategies in place, they prevent costly stock planning mishaps due to product outages, and reduce unnecessary expense in terms of safety stock and low performing items.

Demand forecasting you can trust
Inventory Planner gives you the flexibility you need to handle rapid market shifts without breaking a sweat. It constantly adjusts your forecasts with your most up-to-date sales data, so you always know exactly what to order and when. It even factors in seasonality, marketing activities, abnormal sales spikes or dips for ultimate accuracy. It’s the next best thing to a crystal ball (and the best way to protect your cash flow from incorrect inventory).

Easier-than-ever inventory purchasing
Now more than ever, cash is king – and too much or too little inventory can destroy your cash flow. However, rapidly-evolving market trends make it harder-than-ever to avoid over and under-purchasing inventory. You need Inventory Planner; it does all the hard work for you. It provides non-stop calculations of your inventory requirements and translates them into simple, intuitive buying recommendations – with the level of detail you want, from SKUs to warehouses. It’s smarter, faster and more reliable than any spreadsheet (or human!).

Clear, convenient reports
Yesterday’s bestseller can be tomorrow’s cash drainer. You need reporting that gives you up-to-date insights into your sales and product trends, so you can quickly make data-driven decisions. But reporting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Inventory Planner translates your up-to-date insights into over 200 meaningful metrics across all your SKUs, product categories, bundles, assemblies, warehouses, suppliers or even custom categories like your ‘editor’s picks’. It even integrates with Google Analytics so you can always see the whole picture (so if an item has lots of views but low sales, you can tweak the pricing, imagery or description).


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