With an award-winning reputation that shoppers know and trust, Newegg Marketplace will help you reach a broad and motivated customer base.

About Newegg Marketplace

Newegg is the #1 marketplace for PCs, consumer electronics, home automation, and everything tech. Basically, if it has technology incorporated in some way, the tens of millions of customers on Newegg will love it. You might know Newegg.com for the US end-user reputation of having a mind-boggling product selection and fan base, but there is also Newegg Marketplace Canada and NeweggBusiness- which each serves a unique segment of tech-hungry customers and offers an opportunity for you to scale your business incrementally.

ShipStation ♥ Newegg Marketplace Integration

If you sell on Newegg, you have access to a slew of tools at your disposal to make the process as profitable and pain-free as possible. One of these tools is the ShipStation integration, which allows you to process and ship your orders from Newegg.com, Newegg Canada, and NeweggBusiness domestically or internationally with ease. Key features include: order importing from over 75 marketplaces and shopping carts, auto-selecting shipping preferences, custom fulfillment rules, multi-carrier label creation, automatic shipping confirmations, and more!

Your orders can be fulfilled through USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any of our other carriers. Learn how to set up an account so you can ship and fulfill all of your Newegg orders quickly and easily by connecting your Newegg Marketplace account to ShipStation.

Newegg Marketplace Features We Support

Tracking Information
We’ll send the tracking information back to Newegg as soon as you create your label

Customer Shipping Preference
We’ll let you know what the customers chose for their preferred shipping method

Import Products by UPC or MPN
Upload products and create Newegg SKUs using either the UPC or the MPN

Full Customer Information
We’ll import full recipient addresses (including phone number) when we import an order

Multi-Platform Order Import
From Newegg Canada, NeweggBusiness, and Newegg.com as well as any other online channel you sell on

International Shipping
Send tracking information and status updates along with international order delivery for all carriers integrated with ShipStation

Weights and images are NOT imported

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