Shopping Cart Elite is a Windows-based platform that provides you with tools to manage and automate your online business.

About Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Elite, a Windows-based platform, is for online retailers and wholesalers who want more tools for their online store. Shopping Cart Elite is an enterprise eCommerce solution at a small business price that will completely automate your online business. Shopping Cart Elite has created a system that doesn’t require you to pay thousands of dollars each month to app partners to have automation, marketing and SEO tools for your business.

Shopping Cart Elite Features We Support

Direct integration with Shopping Cart Elite’s desktop, Windows-based platform

Support multiple suppliers through warehouse locations Multiple Supplier Support with Warehouse Locations

Complete Vendor Management between SCE and ShipStation

Two-Way Order Synchronization with CRM

Tracking Updates Synchronization to End Customer

Data Rich Synchronization with Complete Order & Product Data

Import Customer/Products/Staff Data with Notes as Internal Notes

Sync orders and tracking numbers from marketplace to SCE

Sync orders and tracking numbers from SCE to ShipStation

View list of order fields that import from SCE to ShipStation

ShipStation ♥ Shopping Cart Elite

If you manage your eCommerce business on a Windows OS, the Shopping Cart Elite and ShipStation integration can help you build a powerful, streamlined and fully automated workflow within your shipping department. Check out our support article on how to use ShipStation to streamline shipping for your Shopping Cart Elite orders.

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