When Tout Cuit received an influx of orders, ShipStation and Novatize were appointed to help them scale accordingly.

Where They Sell
“I appreciate how intuitive and practical Shipstation's features are when processing delivery labels. It is really fast and efficient!
Catherine Roussel Assistant Director of Tout Cuit

About Tout Cuit

Tout Cuit, a Canadian meal delivery service, sends thousands of high quality, diet-specific meals to their clientele every week. In 2018, Tout Cuit implemented ShipStation and Novatize to help streamline their shipping process. A year later, Tout Cuit’s booming popularity has resulted in them doubling their order count. Tout Cuit currently ships about 4,500 meals a week to their customers in Québec and Ontario. As strategic partners, ShipStation and Novatize have worked diligently with Tout Cuit to deliver not only delicious meals, but an excellent customer experience.

Tout Cuit Shipping Process

Due to the perishability of their products, shipping is a relatively complicated process for Tout Cuit. All meals are shipped frozen with dry ice and are intended to stay frozen for 56 hours to allow customers time before getting their meals in the freezer. Many customers live in apartment buildings or condos that require special instruction, so a robust shipping solution was needed to accommodate these needs. Tout Cuit began using ShipStation in the early days of their business to help them manage their shipping process. As orders doubled, ShipStation helped Tout Cuit keep their process consistent and stable.

Keeping up with the Pace

Tout Cuit’s online store was growing and thriving, but the backend was struggling to stay on pace. Orders placed on their site weren’t transferring to labels accurately. “At some point, there were lots of bugs working with all of our platforms,” says Catherine from Tout Cuit. Because of this, Tout Cuit needed additional functionalities to be added for Canadian addresses on their ShipStation account.

The Tout Cuit team selected the ecommerce solutions provider, Novatize, to help them solve their technical issues. Novatize came in to help build out and better synchronize Tout Cuit’s Shopify site with ShipStation. They resolved the issue with special Canadian characters so that addresses seamlessly loaded into ShipStation. Catherine recalls how Novatize made a custom solution for her label making.

“They helped me make a sticker sheet with room for each shipment’s order details to put on the box, so we didn’t have to write anything by hand.”

Because of this, Tout Cuit could assure everything fit on the shipping labels and no one had to spend any extra time handwriting or double-checking labels.


Novatize enabled Tout Cuit to fully utilize their Shopify site and ShipStation account through integrating the two.

With the improvements implemented by Novatize and ShipStation, Tout Cuit was able to increase sales by 111% over a six month period.

Despite not currently offering a subscription program, their returning customer rate also increased by 60%. “Food delivery by mail, I think it will really expand in the next few years,” Catherine says. Meal delivery options are becoming more popular as people look for healthy, convenient meals to fit their busy lives. Options like Tout Cuit make healthy food more accessible for less-mobile elderly people and busy, young professionals alike.