Your Brand’s Journey: The Importance of Post Purchase Branding

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E-commerce subscription boxes have grown in popularity for a variety of products: makeup, apparel, skincare, dog toys, etc. Platforms like ShipStation and Arka  help subscription business owners organize orders and provide a great brand experience. How can these platforms help you and your business?


Will your customers ever purchase from you again? Will they be leaving happy reviews? Are they feeling buyer’s remorse? ShipStation and Arka can help you with this.

Shipstation allows business orders to organize orders, batch them up, and print shipping labels all on one platform. As the order gets fulfilled, ShipStation provides several ways businesses can add their brand to the process from the tracking page to the returns portal. This builds a lot of customer trust and wonderful brand experience.

When it comes to the unboxing experience at the doorstep, quality brand packaging has been known to increase brand awareness, boost customer loyalty, and build brand advocates. Since brand packaging has such an impact on customer retention rates, we thought you should know how to source brand packaging as efficiently as possible.

Learn from ShipStation and our brand packaging partner Arka on how to conquer the post-purchase process, whether your business is big or small.


What we’ll cover:

  • The value of brand packaging and the types best for you
  • The value of branded order tracking
  • Making the customer feel special

Meet Our Guests

Austin Canary

Austin Canary, Marketing Content Producer: ShipStation

Phil Akhzar

Phillip Akhzar, CEO & Founder: Arka

Phil is the CEO and founder of Arka and has over a decade’s experience in packaging. YC and 500 startups alumnus, Phil worked at Boeing and Silicon Valley startups like iCracked before starting his own companies.
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