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Published on January 4, 2022
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While you were busy prepping for the Holiday Season—and getting more ship done once it hit—ShipStation released more than a handful of features designed to save you time, energy, sanity, and money. Since you were understandably busy, we wanted to give you a recap of several features released last year that you might’ve missed!

ShipStation Goes Mobile!

We’ve talked about mobile a few times already this month (and plenty last year) and we practice what we preach! In March, we launched the ShipStation mobile app (available for FREE on iOS and Android). To sum up, it rocks: you can create manual orders, refresh stores, create shipping AND return labels, send them to print wirelessly via ShipStation Connect, close out shipments, and tons more. Basically, it does almost everything ShipStation does so you can be getting ship done wherever you are!

6 Weeks of Speed

Launched at the end of October, 6 Weeks of Speed brought (as might be expected) 6 weeks of speed-based releases: Faster than Fast Quick Search, Auto Rating, EOD Barcodes on Mobile, Scan to View, Auto Fulfillment, and Return Labels on Mobile. We did our best to balance what we released, giving our mobile app some highly sought after advances while speeding up the time you speed in ShipStation via a faster Quick Search and Auto Rating. And trust us, we’re not stopping with 6 Weeks of Speed in 2016…

Unlimited Selling Channels

When we tell you the future of your business should be in multi-channel selling, we mean it. You stand to make multiple times more in sales for each selling channel you add. We’re not the only ones saying it, either: our partners know it’s true and we’ve been talking about this for quite some time. You stand to double your number of sales just by adding an additional selling channel. With 4 selling channels, you can have over 8 times the orders as 1 selling channel. Wow.

Delivery Emails & Estimates

What are some of the usual customer inquiries you get? Where’s my package? Was it delivered? When will it be delivered? In mid-December, we rolled out a couple of features to help you answer those questions before your customers ever ask them! With Delivery Estimates, whenever you select a shipping service for an order and get the rate, the carrier will also send back their estimate for arrival! So if you hear from a customer that NEEDS their order tomorrow, not in 2-days, you can figure out which service will get it there faster. Combine that with our Delivery Email, which can be triggered upon order delivery, to notify your customer their package has arrived. It’s a great marketing tool, too—use it to get some interactions on social media, send them a coupon, ask for a review, or do a bit of them all!

That’s quite the list, and it isn’t even comprehensive! Those were just our favorites.

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