Posh Totty Designs’ All-Female Artists Dominate Market with ShipStation

Published on October 13, 2022
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Streamline a complicated shipping process across multiple platforms for an ever-growing company.


Integrate several marketplaces into one easy-to-use software, so the company has more time to devote to the craft.

Alice Rivers Cripps, CEO and founder of jewelry company Posh Totty Designs, is spinning a childhood insult into pure gold. Often called “a posh totty” as a child, Alice is reclaiming the pejorative and embracing her inner poshness, while encouraging her customers to do the same. 

Posh Totty’s team of skilled jewelry smiths is 100% female, a circumstance as unique as their fine jewelry. The team forges the metals, adds the stones, and sketches customized engravings into rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. And the public has responded to their efforts; now, Posh Totty is scaling at an incredible rate, and their designs are popping up all over Great Britain.

A growth-minded solution

Posh Totty was founded in 2004 as a one-woman operation. Alice grew her business from the ground up, and now, Posh Totty is a huge player in the UK jewelry market. This explosion in popularity has facilitated the need for a massive warehouse to make and ship out their designs. From their humble beginnings, now Posh Totty are shipping out up to 1,000 orders a day. 

Business couldn’t be better, but it wasn’t always so easy. In the last couple years, Posh Totty began struggling to keep up with their ever-growing popularity. They needed a solution to their processing and shipping problems, and they found it in ShipStation. Since implementing ShipStation in early 2021, everything has been golden. 

With their flagship store in Brighton and a new storefront in London (plus their real estate in several department stores), Posh Totty needed a central location for all of their shipment areas. With ShipStation, all of their customer information is all in one place. ShipStation’s filtering makes it easy to find anything they may need at any point of their workflow. 

“ShipStation has streamlined a really complicated process,” Alice says. 

Posh Totty’s multiple online selling platforms like Etsy and Not on the High Street, and their own site, are integrated. Before, the team constantly had to switch between different apps and software to get orders out. Now, one person at one desk can dispatch to Royal Mail, DHL, or DPD, without having to run between different systems 

More time for what matters most

While Posh Totty is used to taking the proper time and care to create their jewelry, they weren’t happy with all the manual effort and time that went into dispatching their orders. In an industry like the handcrafted jewelry sector, things move a little slower. However, in today’s world, customers expect quick turnarounds and a seamless shipping experience.

With ShipStation, the team no longer has to manually input orders. Instead, all they have to do is scan the order with a portable scanner to print the label. From there, the label can be printed, affixed to the package, and moved on to the next stage of fulfillment.

Now, instead of wasting valuable hours tracking down shipping information and meticulously adding it to their shipping software, the team can spend more time thinking up new designs, adding heartfelt engravings, and putting out jewelry that will be with their customers for the most important times of their lives. 

A future so bright

Now that Posh Totty is saving money on shipping costs, labor, and packaging with ShipStation, what’s next for this woman-led jewelry company? 

Alice hopes to expand her company across Great Britain and become a household name. By continuing to craft unique fine jewelry, cementing the company’s presence in department stores, and continuing to offer quality customer service and high standards for shipping, Posh Totty is well on the way to realising all of their dreams. 

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