USPS Cancels Priority Mail International Service to China

Published on March 24, 2022
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Starting January 28th, 2022, the USPS will suspend Priority Mail International shipments with a destination address within China. This will impact all non-military or diplomatic USPS Priority Mail International mailpieces destined for China. 

For Priority Mail items that entered the mailstream prior to 1/28/22, the Postal Service will transport them to their destination. However, delays are to be expected.  For Priority Mail International items created on or after 1/28/22, the Postal Service will endorse the items as “Mail Service Suspended —Return to Sender” and return them to the sender.

Affordable Alternatives to USPS Priority Mail International for Shipping to China

ShipStation Carrier Services gives you access to many great shipping options that will give you options for shipping to China even if USPS Priority Mail are unavailable. 

UPS from ShipStation

UPS is a great option for sending both standard and express shipments internationally.  With UPS by Shipstation, you can save up to 86% off Daily Rate for international shipments. Unlike traditional UPS accounts, UPS from ShipStation lets you pay for labels at the time of creation instead of making you wait to pay for all your labels on an invoice at the end of the month. 

DHL Express from ShipStation

International shipping is simplified by DHL Express from ShipStation. In fact, our partnership with them allows for savings of up to 75% off for international shipments. Once you set up the account, you’re ready to ship internationally! 

First Class Mail International 

First Class Mail International is the one remaining USPS service that will deliver parcels to China. Keep in mind that though affordable, it can take a long time to make final delivery. 

Global Post

Another affordable option for shipping mailpieces and parcels internationally is GlobalPost. With both domestic and international shipping options and shipping coverage of up to $200, you can access another affordable way to ship to China.  

For better international and domestic shipping options, try ShipStation free for 30 days.

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