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DEAR Inventory

DEAR helps manage complex inventory requirements in the cloud. When integration to ShipStation, you have a powerful order management and fulfillment platform.

About DEAR Inventory

DEAR is a comprehensive cloud-based inventory management application designed to help small businesses get better visibility of orders and inventory across all sales channels and locations. Offering complete backend management with Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse management, Light Manufacturing and Ecommerce integration capabilities, DEAR is a must have for any business owner looking to accurately and efficiently manage inventory.

DEAR Features We Support

Import DEAR orders
Import orders from DEAR directly into ShipStation to eliminate any need for manual input and avoid entry errors.

Warehouse Management
Have grown and moving into multiple locations? No problem with DEAR Inventory. Set dedicated reorder points for individual locations, create bins within locations and use barcode scanners to receive and pick stock all on DEAR.

Tracking Updates
Once you create a shipping label in ShipStation, we’ll send the tracking number and shipping information back to DEAR.

ShipStation ♥ DEAR Inventory

DEAR enables your team to manage all products, customers, suppliers, purchases and sales in one easy-to-use cloud based system. Connecting DEAR to ShipStation will provide access to a powerful order management platform that is sure to take the pain out of order fulfillment.


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