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The Douglas Stewart Company

The Douglas Stewart Company is a leading education distributor specializing in technology, education software, and supplies representing over 300 manufacturers.

About The Douglas Stewart Company

The Douglas Stewart Company was established in 1950 and has grown to be a leading distributor and business service provider.

Our organization specializes in servicing over 4,500 education-focused value-added resellers and collegiate retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Representing over 300 manufacturers, we offer a breadth of products including hardware, software, peripherals, consumer electronics, dorm supplies, Makerspace products, and mobile learning solutions.

Our service-driven approach utilizes specialized teams to assist in the development of brand and reseller partners within the education market. The Douglas Stewart Company serves as the largest education-focused distributor in North America offering comprehensive coverage of K-12 and higher-education reseller networks.

Douglas Stewart Features We Support

Full-Service 3rd Party Logistics:

Same-day fulfillment, warehouse locations through the US, Canada, and Europe, freight partnerships with all major carriers assist in the operations of your business.

Specialized Business Units:
The Douglas Stewart Company has sales teams dedicated to the channels they serve. They include specialized college retail and education VAR teams along with teams focused on computer hardware specialty and software licensing.

Go-to-Market Expertise:
In-depth knowledge of our vendors’ respective programs, markets, and product specifics.

Identit-e Verification Services:
Our subsidiary provides eligible verification services to protect pricing discounts, rebates, promotions from eroding margins and increasing sales.

Marketing and Merchandising Services:
We offer services to drive consumer demand, influence buy-in, and increase sell-through.

ShipStation ♥ The Douglas Stewart Company

The Douglas Stewart Company is well connected in the world of distribution. They will help streamline operations for your business with our 3PL services and provide assistance for your brand with our complete business services, ranging from marketing consultation to eCommerce capabilities and demand generation. ShipStation and The Douglas Stewart Company work together to make fulfilling your orders that much easier.


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