Customer Retention 101: Prevailing with Branding POST Purchase

Join us On-Demand!

Join ShipStation and Seller’s Choice to learn about branding and connecting with customers after their purchase.






ShipStation and Seller’s Choice join to talk about the importance of branding post purchase for customer retention.


In this webinar, our speakers will go over the following topics:

  • Creating a branded unboxing experience
  • Branded tracking and returns
  • Multichannel solutions to post-purchase branding

Meet Our Guests

Andrew Maffettone

Andrew Maffettone is the Director of Marketing and Operations for Seller’s Choice, a full-service digital marketing agency for ecommerce sellers. Andrew is a digital strategy and marketing expert with over a decade of experience improving the online presence of ecommerce sellers all over the world. He aims to provide actionable advice for ecommerce marketers instead of general fluff with no real substance.

Cody DeArmond

Cody has worn many hats over his last 5 years at ShipStation. Currently he is the Director of Trial Sales. He takes pride in being able to help ecommerce businesses improve their shipping processes.
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