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Published on January 4, 2022
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Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in generating web traffic and converting said traffic into e-commerce sales. Blogging is essential for any business that wants to compete online, but there is a way to go about blogging, keeping a focus on  SEO, that will make your efforts more effective. Let’s explore this issue and go over some valuable tips that may help your blogging efforts.

The Title

The success of your blogging efforts is going to rely heavily on the title. The title gives potential readers a summary of what they are going to read, and it also entices them to click on your post and learn more. An important aspect of creating a good, catchy, interesting, and informative title is word balance. You want to mix common, uncommon, powerful, and emotional words in the right combination to entice viewers to click and read. You can learn more about word balance and the different types of words here. Studies show that headlines of six words get the most amount of clicks. These headlines also need to contain your keyword or words that you have highlighted for SEO. If your titles aren’t immediately searchable, they aren’t working for you as much as they could be.

The Content 

The biggest challenge for any blog is to create content that not only informs and enriches the lives of your readers, but also entertains and entices new people to read it. To achieve this effect it is important to make sure that your blogging is not too promotional or sales-y. People can spot an advertisement a mile away and are unlikely to click or read through or return to your blog if you are going to use your platform as an advertisement. However, if you can position your blog as an expert voice in whatever industry you are working in, then people will come to your blog to learn more about the latest advancements, news, funny stories, etc. You can also create fun content, such as a top ten list or something similar based on the industry that you work in. If you can successfully enrich and entertain your existing visitors, they have a higher chance of sharing your posts and spreading your site organically to their friends and family.

The Keywords

One of the best ways to gain new readers and visitors is through organic searches on the Internet. To gain this audience you must think about what your post and ultimately what your business is about and then select a few keywords that are applicable. You can use Google’s free keyword tool to find out how much competition there is for any given keyword nationally and in your region. Using this information you can choose keywords that are going to bring you the most amount of visitors.

Local focus is especially important if you have a physical location or locations. Making sure that your pages are at the top of local searches for your keywords comes down to choosing words that aren’t too competitive but still get searched frequently.

The importance of SEO to your sales and branding efforts cannot be overstated. Your e-commerce blog is a great way to increase your SEO efforts.

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