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Connex for Quickbooks

Free yourself from manual data entry into QuickBooks

Automate data entry between QuickBooks and all your marketplaces in one dashboard. Customize field mapping with the proprietary Rules Engine.

Connex for QuickBooks is a turnkey automated data syncing solution between QuickBooks and ShipStation, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Square. Our secret sauce is the Rules Engine, which allows you to customize field mapping in QuickBooks Online or Desktop editions. Whether you sell on a single or multiple marketplaces, you can easily map products, customers, coupon codes and shipping methods from all of your selling channels to QuickBooks within one intuitive user interface. Our bidirectional ShipStation integration makes it possible to sync over shipping and tracking details from your marketplaces to QuickBooks, and from QuickBooks to ShipStation, facilitating the processing of phone orders. If you sell on Amazon or Shopify, reconcile your QuickBooks in minutes with our automated match deposit tool. Use our summary sales tools to automatically sync over a large number of sales during holidays and flash sales.

Free yourself from manual data entry
Easily automate data entry bidirectionally between ShipStation and QuickBooks Online or Desktop

Eliminate manual invoicing
Automatically map tracking details, customer information, and custom field

Easily process phone orders
With Connex’s bidirectional sync you can automatically sync phone orders to ShipStation

Reduce shipping expenses
Use Connex’s Rules Engine to automatically mark up shipping depending on your carrier

Automatically sync shipping and tracking details between QuickBooks and ShipStation
Connex will automatically sync tracking number and shipping details as well as 3 custom fields

All your marketplaces in one dashboard
Easily view all your orders through ShipStation in one intuitive user interface

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