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DHL Express Canada

ShipStation and DHL Express Canada help online sellers ship (and rest) easy no matter where they sell or how they ship.

Ship via DHL Express from Canada and save money on international shipping!

Are you a Canadian online merchant that is looking for ways to ship products weighing between 1 and 150 pounds to international destinations around the world? Do you need expedited services so that your customers get their products as soon as possible? DHL Express Canada can help take care of your international shipping needs so that you can pass on competitive shipping rates to your e-commerce customers.

DHL Express Canada Features We Support

Access to your DHL Express Canada Contract Rates
Print labels using your specially negotiated rates, so you get the best deal possible

Free Electronic Signature on every package
Every package shipped through DHL Express Canada automatically gets free Electronic Signature

Insure your international orders using DHL Express carrier insurance

Customs Docs
International customs documentation is automatically generated. You can even setup electronic transmission of customs documentation with DHL Express to make shipping internationally even easier.

Do you want to bill an external DHL Express account for the shipment? No problem, ShipStation supports the “Bill to 3rd party” option so that you can bill duties and taxes to the recipient

ShipStation ♥ DHL Express Canada

When you ship internationally, DHL Express is the carrier of choice. With green features like paperless billing, and our world-class automation and customer communication tools, not to mention the automatic importing of your orders from wherever you sell, using ShipStation with DHL Express Canada is a no-brainer!



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