Save up to 68% on International Shipping with DHL Express Canada

DHL Express and ShipStation make selling internationally simple by providing you with fast, discounted shipping to over 220 countries.

Grow your business by going global with ShipStation and DHL Express Canada

Open your doors to a new world of customers by tapping into an unrivaled global shipping network with DHL Express and ShipStation. Expanding your global footprint opens doors to new business opportunities and increased profits and allows you to meet consumer expectations demand for fast, reliable delivery. DHL Express and ShipStation make it seamless to integrate global shipping to over 220 countries and territories for less.

Take advantage of reduced shipping costs with OR without a DHL Express account

  1. Bring your existing DHL Express account. With ShipStation and DHL Express, you can easily integrate your contracted DHL rates from within your dashboard.
  2. No account, no problem! With ShipStation, users can save by accessing pre-negotiated DHL Express rates – without the need to set up a DHL Express account. Enjoy all the benefits with no minimum shipping volume required.

The benefits of shipping with DHL Express 

Trusted Global Partner

With more than 50 years of experience growing small and medium sized businesses, DHL Express has what it takes to create loyal customers in new markets and maximize your cross-border potential.

Extraordinary Speed

DHL Express has the unrivaled global expertise and Customs knowledge to keep your shipments moving swiftly – providing door-to-door expedited international shipment delivery on the next possible business day.

Shipping Documents Simplified

Easily prepare Customs documents quickly and accurately with Paperless Clearance. No need to print!

DHL On Demand Delivery

Do international delivery right the first time and give customers an excellent experience by giving them full tracking visibility and the ability to manage their delivery preferences.

Multipiece Shipment Creation

Send multiple packages under one master tracking number.

GoGreen Plus – Sustainable Logistics

With DHL GoGreen Plus, customers can reduce the carbon emissions associated with their shipments through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

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