A cloud based inventory management system that helps high volume merchants

Increase order accuracy and customer satisfaction. Finale can manage your inventory, warehouse, and accounting operations all in one place.

Since 2014, Finale and ShipStation have worked together to consistently improve our integration to provide high-volume sellers with a powerful inventory and warehouse management combination, without the complexity or cost of deploying an ERP.

With the ability to plug into over 40 different applications such as QuickBooks Online, Finale can act as a single source of truth increasing transparency and autonomy across your organization as you continue to grow.

Every single one of our deployments are supported with 1:1 training, and our US-based support team has been named “unparalleled.”

When you need inventory accuracy, we are here for you.

Reduce Manual Data Entry
High volume sellers that struggle with frequent stock outs can reduce manual entry and precisely plan when to reorder with real time sales forecasting data with Finale and ShipStation. Finale can also help you prevent errors with the ability to centralize all your data and connect to over 40 different applications, including accounting systems like QuickBooks Online, so you can have transparency and accuracy across all channels.

Increase Warehouse Efficiency
Finale Inventory app can automatically alert team members of orders that can be fulfilled within ShipStation. Finale will check the inventory stock levels, determine availability, and change the order status from ‘On-Hold’ to ‘Awaiting Shipment’ in ShipStation. If an order cannot be fulfilled it will remain in ‘On-Hold’ status.

Barcode Scanning for order accuracy
Finale Inventory’s integrated Android OS barcode scanner solution works seamlessly with ShipStation, leveraging the packing slips from ShipStation to support the picking process. In addition, you can maximize your workflow potential by using ShipStation tags and batch IDs.

Scale without an ERP
Finale provides merchants with the customizability of a large ERP without custom coding or need for developers. Our system fits to your workflows, instead of forcing you to change your business processes to use our system, making Finale cost effective to continue to scale. And, as you continue to grow, Finale’s support is unparalleled. Providing 1:1 training and customer support for as long as you need.

Ease Fulfillment of Kits & Bundles
Finale supports building bundles in advance or assembling them during fulfillment. Warehouse team members can easily find all products when picking the order as the barcode scanner guides them to the bundle’s items. Finale works behind the scenes to update stock levels of your bundles based on the availability of the child products in real time for complete accuracy.

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