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Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory’s cloud-based inventory management system works perfectly with ShipStation to bring more ease to your fulfillment processes.


Finale Inventory offers a simple, cloud-based solution to help you manage inventory across multiple channels. The ShipStation and Finale Inventory software integration now provides a cross-channel, end-to-end inventory and multi carrier shipping software for online businesses. We take care of your inventory order management by integrating across multiple selling channels and updating product levels to prevent cross-platform overselling. Keeping track of products has never been easier than with our inventory and shipping software.


See Product Inventory Levels in ShipStation
When you select Finale Inventory as an Inventory Source in ShipStation, product stock levels will appear in an order’s details AND in the Orders sidebar, giving you additional peace-of-mind with cross-channel inventory shipping.

Preventing Overselling on Selling Channels
The Finale inventory software will update all your selling channels (Amazon, Shopify, eBay etc.) within five minutes of a placed sale. If a sale is made on one website, Finale will automatically update inventory levels across other integrated sales channels to prevent overselling.

Handles Complex Inventory
Comprehensive mapping system is able to track inventory across multiple channels even if they are assigned different SKUs, Listing IDs (including Etsy variations), UPCs, or other labels. Inventory order management tracking constantly updates product information across different platforms.

Quickly Know which ShipStation Orders can be Fulfilled
Instead of having team members continually check aisles and bins to confirm what orders can be fulfilled, the Finale Inventory app can automatically alert team members of orders that can be fulfilled within ShipStation. Finale will check the inventory stock levels, determine availability, and change the order status from ‘On-Hold’ to ‘Awaiting Shipment’ in ShipStation. If an order cannot be fulfilled it will remain in ‘On-Hold’ status.

Purchase Order Management
The Finale app has a robust order management and will prevent stock outs. As orders are received, Finale will send out notifications and can be configured to quickly create reorder POs based on min max thresholds saving you time and money.

Comprehensive Barcoding Capabilities
Our turnkey mobile barcoding solution eliminates error and accelerates receiving and picking operations. Advanced batch picking operations, wave picking and pick-n-patch, will turbocharge your fulfillment process.

Comprehensive Traceability of Product Lots, Batches, and/or Serial Numbers
Finale makes it easy to keep track of lot id and batches from the start (receiving products) to finish (shipping the products). This helps small and large businesses easily manage online inventory.

Multi-Warehouse Compatibility
Finale supports multiple warehouse locations and links directly with the ShipStation warehouse feature.

Kitting / Product Bundling
Quickly increase your number of selling options by setting up kits or bundles. When the kit is ordered, inventory is automatically decremented from each child product that makes up the kit.


About Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory offers a simple, web-based solution to manage your inventory across all the ShipStation connected marketplaces without the need to make any changes to your current fulfillment flow. Finally, an inventory and shipping software that integrates with all of your platforms. Read more on how ShipStation supports inventory management online.



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