PackageBee provides fully automated ecommerce fulfillment integrations by connecting online shopping carts, marketplaces and ERPs directly to ShipStation.

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About PackageBee

PackageBee provides a network of fully automated eCommerce fulfillment integrations, connecting online shopping carts, marketplaces and ERPs to ShipStation. PackageBee actively supports over 80+ sales channels, and automates the main components of eCommerce fulfillment including order import and tracking update. PackageBee has a powerful and customizable order routing engine, which allows for streamlined operations with multiple warehouses and/or unique fulfillment requirements. PackageBee is able to work with ShipStation Stores and Tags, providing additional routing and tracking of orders. PackageBee does a great job at order monitoring, and will send you immediate alert notifications if ever orders do not make it to your desired destination. Our integrations are easy to configure and can be setup in a free trial account, with ongoing Customer Support. Streamline your eCommerce Fulfillment with PackageBee.

PackageBee Features We Support

Fully Automated eCommerce Fulfillment 

Automated Order Import 

Automatic Shipment Updates with Tracking Numbers

Sends notifications to sales channels to trigger confirm emails to shoppers 

Works with ShipStation store and tags

Speedy process satisfies Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime requirements 

Sends alert emails

Easy to set up 

Great customer support 

Free trial available 

ShipStation ♥ PackageBee

ShipStation and PackageBee combine to streamline ecommerce fulfillment. PackageBee provides the broadest network of shopping cart, online marketplace and ERP integrations and is able to seamlessly integrate those sales channels, allowing orders to automatically flow to ShipStation for product fulfillment. PackageBee not only extends the ecommerce reach of ShipStation, but also leverages the full ShipStation feature set for order routing, filtering, and tracking.


  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce

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