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Supercharge your fulfillment speed, eliminate shipping errors, and sell more with Zenventory’s advanced inventory engine. Receive, scan, and fulfill from any mobile device.

About Zenventory

Pick, pack, and ship the way the big guys do at a game-changing price. Zenventory brings enterprise-grade inventory and order management to the masses with an easy-to-use interface, making it simple to conquer daily fulfillment tasks. Stay on top of your stock levels and eliminate unnecessary inventory, with automatic alerts and deep reporting features keep you in the know. Take the Zenventory app with you on any mobile device or commercial barcode scanner.

Zenventory Features We Support

Stock Level Synchronization
Automatically send up-to-date stock counts to connected sales channels and marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.  Less overselling = Happier customers.

Advanced Item Types
Support and track critical item attributes, such as serial numbers, expiration dates, lot numbers, and kits/bundles.  Zenventory allows custom fields and additional serial data for electronics such as IMEI, MAC address, and more.

True multi-location inventory support
Store products in multiple locations and let Zenventory direct pickers to the best one when fulfilling orders.  Easily drill down from a birds-eye view of an entire warehouse to an individual aisle, shelf, or bin.

Multi-client features for 3PL fulfillment centers
Give your clients a personalized online portal to check their inventory levels in your warehouse, enter data on new products themselves, and track order fulfillment status anytime 24/7.

Mobile support
Zen Mobile can turn any ordinary mobile device into a connected tool for warehouse management.  Scan barcodes, receive shipments, pick orders, enter count adjustments, and search inventory from anywhere in your warehouse.

Email & TXT alerts
Take action on critical stock levels before they cost you sales.  Set up direct alerts that give intel to the right people at the right time based on 17 configurable event types.

Free phone & email tech support
Team Zenventory is proud to be based in the “Silicon Desert” of Phoenix, AZ.  Friendly experts are standing by to assist in making your e-commerce dreams come true.

Scalable tools at an unbeatable price
Helping other startups succeed and grow is a core mission for Zenventory, and packages are available to fit any budget and business stage.


ShipStation ♥ Zenventory

Winning in e-commerce demands the best tools available for every step of the process.  Zenventory’s enhanced inventory sync and warehouse management paired with ShipStation’s endless shipping automations will transform your warehouse into an unstoppable fulfillment machine.


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