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ShipStation Adds DHL Express to Growing List of Carrier Services

July 18, 2013

Merchants Can Now Print Shipping Labels and Supporting International Documentation for DHL Express from Their ShipStation Account

AUSTIN, Texas, July 18, 2013 — ShipStation, the leading web-based shipping solution for online retailers, today announced the addition of DHL Express, the largest and most reputable international carrier in the world. ShipStation users can now ship orders via their choice of DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL Global Mail, Canada Post or OnTrac. Sellers can print the appropriate shipping labels from the ShipStation application one at a time or in batch, and automatically export order details to the relevant carrier accounts for documentation and billing, as well as to the platforms upon which they sell – all from one application.

The new DHL Express integration marks the latest expansion of ShipStation’s ecommerce ecosystem to aggregate an e-retailer’s selling platforms and carriers into a single solution to allow for dramatically faster fulfillment. ShipStation’s automatic retrieval and consolidation of order information from over 40 sales channels – including marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Newegg and Etsy, and ecommerce shopping cart platforms such as Shopify, Volusion, Magento and Bigcommerce – saves hours of work by eliminating the manual compilation of each day’s orders from multiple sources.

The ability to select the best carrier for each order from the ShipStation application further shortens the fulfillment process by enabling easy carrier switching and label printing. With the addition of DHL’s Express Worldwide and Express Envelope services for parcels and envelopes, respectively, merchants can use ShipStation to:

  • Print shipping labels and supporting documentation one at a time or in batches of up to 500
  • Access postage rate information, including sellers’ contracted or negotiated rates
  • Create point-and-click automation rules to automatically ship orders meeting pre-defined criteria
  • Automatically generate pre-filled customs forms required for international shipments
  • Automatically notify both the selling platform and customer of the shipping status and tracking information associated with each international shipment

“We constantly add new shippers, shopping carts, and marketplaces to help our sellers to be more efficient while reaching new markets,” said Nathan Jones, CEO at ShipStation. “For anyone taking advantage of multiple carriers and selling channels, ShipStation is the perfect partner. We create a streamlined workflow that increases our customers’ efficiency while reducing their overall shipping costs and time.”

In addition to full-scale self-fulfillment capabilities through ShipStation, online merchants can also use ShipStation to outsource some or all of their fulfillment to Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service, where Amazon will handle packing, shipping and customer service/communication. As with self-fulfillment, once the item has been shipped by Amazon, ShipStation will automatically notify each respective sales channel of the shipping status and tracking information.

ShipStation currently serves as the back-end shipping solution for thousands of online stores processing millions of shipping labels per month.

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ShipStation is a powerful web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. With integrations into popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Newegg and Etsy and shopping carts like Magento, Volusion, Shopify and Bigcommerce, ShipStation handles everything from order import and batch label creation to customer communication. Advanced customization features such as Automation Rules and Product Profiles allow ShipStation to fit businesses with any number of users or locations. As a SaaS, cloud-based software solution, ShipStation is compatible on both Mac and PCs through any web browser – from anywhere!

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