jeep people use shipstation to ship parts and accessories to customers

The social brand Jeep People transformed into a successful online business for jeep parts and accessories. They save time with ShipStation’s automation.

Where They Sell
Jeep People
“Shipstation saves me thirty minutes to an hour every single day with its automation.” Taylor Pierce CEO, Jeep People

Driving A Community

Taylor Pierce started Jeep People as a growing social brand for Jeep enthusiasts. “We’d showcase really cool jeeps, cool builds, and it started to take off,” he says. In less than a year, Jeep People built an online community of over 250,000 followers. With a growing social following and a thriving online forum, Taylor saw a new path to take. In January 2017, Jeep People launched an online store for jeep parts and accessories.

For the past ten years, Taylor was a software engineer and entrepreneur based in Austin, TX. A month after the launch, the “nights and weekends” side hustle now required his full-time attention. “It quickly took off at a rate that none of us expected.” He quit his day job and grabbed a hold of the wheel as CEO to take his new company into adventurous terrain.

Finding the Right Parts

Starting from the ground up, Taylor and his team had to learn how to run an online business, and fast. “We had to learn on-the-fly very quickly,” he says. “Our vendors became mentors for us as well.”

Their shopping cart’s built-in shipping module wasn’t keeping up with the demand they were facing. “We were starting to get fairly high volume and it was really manual and slow,” Taylor says. Wanting to create USPS and UPS shipping labels, they needed a multi-carrier shipping solution.

“ShipStation is SaaS executed phenomenally.”

A trusted vendor referred them to ShipStation and they’ve been driving optimization ever since. “It’s very, very automated at this point,” Taylor says. “We have shortcuts from A-Z to pretty much do anything.” ShipStation keeps his warehouse team on one platform to manage orders and create labels. “With ShipStation, we’ve been able to knock out a lot of the mundane time that would’ve been wasted.”

Going Off-Road

The team at Jeep People are putting the pedal to the metal to get ahead of their competitors. Riding on the success of retailing the top jeep brands, Taylor wanted to make their own stuff. So, they launched Titan Offroad to manufacture their own branded jeep products.

“ShipStation delivers us a ton of value, and scales nicely as we continue to grow.”

Taylor uses his ShipStation account to process orders for both brands. The platform makes it easy for him to differentiate orders from many channels. “We haven’t made very many mistakes, if any, on getting people the right products.”

What started as a passion for an American classic has turned into an industry leading online store for parts and accessories. Jeep People offers great customer service, quick shipping, and the ultimate customer experience for buying Jeep products online.