Little Dress Up Shop

Published on May 7, 2024


Lindsay dreamed of inspiring the young imaginations who love to play dress up. When she switched to ShipStation, automation made her shipping scalable.

Little Dress Up Shop

Dressing Up For Success

There’s something magical about playing dress up. As a preschool teacher, Lindsay Bills saw the joy in kids when they play pretend. She dreamed of building up children’s young imaginations by providing outfits they love. Lindsay was nervous about being an entrepreneur, but with her husband’s help, Little Dress Up Shop was born.

Little Dress Up Shop began in a small condo with Lindsay, her husband, and their little baby daughter. “In the beginning, we shipped from our bedroom at night, after his job was over and our baby in bed,” Lindsay says. They soon outgrew several spaces as they increased in employees and children. When they found ShipStation, it made their shipping process scalable.

Finding The Right Fit

From a princess to a fireman, Little Dress Up Shop offers a wide range of costumes for girls, boys and even dolls! Since they’ve started, they’ve delivered over 120,000 orders to moms and dads. Before ShipStation, Lindsay had a manual process for each order. “It was very tedious! At first, we were hand typing every address.” They finally got a shipping software, but it created new complications to ship orders. It required they build macros with several steps to get a single shipping label printed. When they found ShipStation, they cut out all that manual work. “Moving to ShipStation was the single largest change we made at attempting to increase efficiency as we began to grow.”

“Our confirmation emails are so automated now, I don’t even think twice about them.”

“ShipStation automated so many areas of our shipping that we were able to make our shipping scalable.” Lindsay says it was a complete turnaround from their previous system. “It cut out huge amounts of shipping time and allowed us to handle extreme busy seasons with ease.” Her team saved a lot of time and ShipStation made training seasonal employees faster. With ShipStation, they could print their Amazon, 3dcart, Soldsie and custom store orders all at once. Order statuses update in all their selling channels and notification emails are sent directly to their customers automatically. “A huge time saver has been cutting out the step of manually confirming orders with customers and issuing tracking numbers.”

More Time For Dreaming

Little Dress Up Shop’s costumes are affordable and comfortable. They feature a stress-free buttonless design and they’re machine washable. Lindsay says ShipStation gave them time to focus on their product quality. “We’re still finding out new things ShipStation can do for us,” she says. Recently, they started using the shipping calculator and returns tracking. “It’s become a great resource for record keeping.” They especially love that ShipStation keeps customer information, which makes sending out their “Dress of the Month” subscription for kids even easier.

“We now have time to work on growing our business knowing that the logistics of shipping are the best and most efficient they can be.”

“The sheer number of logistical hours that we’ve been able to cut out with automation in ShipStation has made it possible for us to grow,” Lindsay says. When Disney’s Frozen was booming, Little Dress Up Shop shipped over four-thousand dresses in one week. “That never would have been possible before we had ShipStation.” She says that by using less time and resources, they can focus on what’s ahead. “We now have time to work on growing our business knowing that the logistics of shipping are the best and most efficient they can be.”

Happily Ever After

“Above all, we want delighted kids and delighted customers.” Lindsay says that they want to send kids high-quality dress-up clothes that last. She says they’re durable and comfortable so that kids will want to play in them. If there’s ever an issue with the product, it’s easy to return and exchange with their customers. “In ShipStation we can choose to email a label for return or print it off to send with the new product.” Lindsay says that ShipStation allows them to be flexible with each situation. “It helps make the process smooth and convenient for our customers.”

Little Dress Up Shop offers fast and free shipping to their customers. “ShipStation makes it so easy for us to find the most cost effective method of shipping.” Lindsay says that fast delivery times and easy returns are key to their customer service. They’re happy about the support they get from the ShipStation team. “The customer support always gets us up and going again so our orders can still ship same day.” Lindsay says “we LOVE that we can contact ShipStation via chat right away.”

Lindsay Bills

ShipStation automated so many areas of our shipping that we were able to make our shipping scalable.

Written by

Roberto Ferreras Martínez

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