Zapier and Other Automation Capabilities

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DataAutomation gives us quick view into why, when, and how to automate your day to day shipping and fulfillment tasks and tools using Zapier.


We live in an age where data, notifications, and new tasks are constantly coming our way – especially now after the holidays. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when we want to find data. If you’ve thought to yourself, “where did that email with that action item of things I owe go?” or “there’s got to be a better way to track all these things,” then you’re most likely in the right place. At some point, hopefully, someone brilliant told you, “You know, you could probably make a zap for that.”

Whether you’re trying to figure out what a zap is, already started to explore Zapier, or are an expert, we invite you to join us and our friends at DataAutomation as we explore the whys and how-tos of zaps that will make your life easier.


In this webinar, our speaker(s) will go over the following topics:

  • What to Automate and What Not to Automate
  • How to Automate
  • What Zapier is and How it Works
  • Build Your Own Zap Using Template

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Meet Our Guest

Will Christiansen

Founder, DataAutomation
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