International Women’s Day 2022: Advice from Women-Owned Businesses

Published on September 21, 2022
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March 8th is International Women’s Day! To celebrate, honor, and recognize this day, we spoke with women-owned businesses to gather their insight, advice, and encouragement. Learn from these inspiring ladies in business!

The online baby clothing store was inspired by the journey into motherhood for two friends, Kelly + Katrina. When the women had their sons 5 weeks apart in 2019, the women bonded over buying baby goodies for their newborns. Looking to offer brands they know and love using for their sons, that’s when the brand Miller + Jet was born (literally). 

What does International Women’s Day represent to you?

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and honor all of the amazing women around the world. Since opening Miller + Jett in 2020, we have formed a community of strong, incredible women and mothers who we admire so much. It has been wonderful to be able to connect and to share our journey in motherhood and in business.

What advice would you give women just starting out or looking to advance their careers? 

Be passionate, be original, and have a clear, strong vision of what you want to achieve. Many people will have opinions along the way, but stay true to yourself and trust your gut.

A quote we remind ourselves often is “comparison is the thief of joy.” In your career, focus on your goals and the path you are on, and not what others are doing. It’s so easy to compare when our lives and businesses are plastered all over social media. Just because a “competitor” has more followers than you, or gets more likes, doesn’t mean their business is more successful. 

“Being genuine, unique, and hard-working will get you far.”

What is the biggest reward of being a woman in business?

For us, the biggest reward is the flexibility we have while running our own business. Our sons were just shy of a year old when we opened Miller + Jett. We knew we wanted to run our business while also spending as much time as possible with our actual babies. 

We are able to bring them with us to work (even though it’s slightly chaotic) and can adjust our working schedules around nap time. We try to give our social media followers a taste of what it’s really like behind the scenes – navigating both motherhood and entrepreneurship. It’s not always photos of cute baby clothes, but often a disaster zone of toys, snacks, and toddler tantrums – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We get to do what we love, with the people we love. We feel so incredibly grateful that this is our life.

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Pulp Pantry all started when Kaitlin watched a friend juice a carrot and wondered what she could do with the leftover pulp. Since then Kaitlin has been repurposing pulp waste into an assortment of chips. You can learn more about Pulp Pantry’s story here.

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Nosse is a textile artist based in Texas. From her home studio, she creates high-end, afro-contemporary art using natural fibers and other resources like cotton, wood, leather, and Nigerian fabrics. 

What’s the biggest reward with being a woman in business?

Working on my passion and watching my ideas blossom has been a great reward for me. I am in control of my destiny and I get to be my own boss!

What does female empowerment mean to you?

To me, women’s empowerment means having the same financial, educational, political, legal, and medical opportunities and autonomy as men.

We have to create a process in which women will be equipped to have power in their own lives and build a foundation for the women of the next generation. 

What advice would you give to women just starting out or looking to advance their careers?

In general, be steadfast in your principles, and trust yourself. It is important to be centered in your values and walk away from things that cease to align with your mission.

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Cora is a portraiture artist based in Louisiana. She creates pieces inspired by historical figures, famous icons, or personalized images. 

You can support Cora B. Gallery by shopping her website or following along on Instagram.

Natalie is a small business owner from Orlando, Florida. Her store, Whateva Lola, sells various unique handmade goods — everything from fiber art, accessories, stickers, and tees. Natalie hopes to bring happiness and color into everyone’s day with her products. 

What does female empowerment mean to you? 

Female empowerment to me means celebrating women and the sisterhood we all share. It means lifting each other and being each other’s cheerleaders. With so much negativity surrounding the world these days, females need to stick together. There is a space for all women in this industry.

What advice would you give to women just starting out or looking to advance their careers?

“My advice for women who are just starting and looking to advance their careers would be prepared to get out of their comfort zone. Growth and comfort rarely ever coexist. You will have to wear so many hats and judge various tasks when first starting. But it will, in the end, only help you grow as an entrepreneur and advance you further in your career.

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What’s the biggest reward with being a woman in business?

The biggest reward for me being a woman in business is connecting with other women who also do what I do. I’ve met women in the past who tell me how my business inspired them to start their own, which to me is the reason why I am so passionate about my job. Because at the end of the day, yes, I love handmaking cute products. But my true passion is to help and inspire others. So if I can do that with my career, I feel like it’s a huge reward.

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day?

I celebrate National Women’s Day by celebrating the women who inspire me the most. Those closest to me like my mother, sister, and best friends! But also those who I’ve met through my business and social media. Social media has allowed me to connect with many powerful women in business, which has been amazing! I also hope to celebrate myself!

“Sometimes entrepreneurs overlook their accomplishments and don’t stop celebrating every milestone. So hopefully, March 8 will be a day filled with women empowerment and self-love!”

You can support Whateva Lola by shopping her website or following along on Instagram.

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