Top 10 Instagram Brands and What You Can Learn from Them

Published on January 4, 2022
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Now more than ever, social media marketing is an essential part of any company’s strategy. Because of this, there are many brands that have successfully harnessed the social media force of Instagram. If you are just starting out in the social media department, it may seem impossible to reach the level of these Instagram powerhouses.  But if you can learn from their successes and failures, your Instagram presence will steadily improve. Here are the top ten Instagram brands and what you can learn from each of them.

#1: National Geographic (78.1 million followers)

The key to National Geographic’s success on Instagram is quality and quantity. The account posts several times a day, making it one of the more active accounts on the network, but every post is impeccable professional quality. If you are looking to have the success of National Geographic, you need to provide quality, intriguing photos on a frequent basis.

#2: Nike (72.6 million)

On Nike’s Instagram page, there is an abundance of diversity. Nike features people from all over the world in its advertisements and puts an emphasis on acceptance. If you want to mimic their success, make sure that your social media demonstrates how all different types of people can relate to your product.

#3: Victoria’s Secret (55.2 million)

This account has a consistent look. Though much of their success is likely due to the “content” of their posts, there is something to be said for the uniform color scheme and setting among all posts. To be successful, you need to develop a coherent theme and brand for your account.

#4: FC Barcelona (50.5 million)

Though this account’s lack of captions and routine is counter-intuitive, it shows how far a loyal fan base can take you. Without a base of people who love your product, your Instagram branding won’t make it very far, even if you do provide quality posts.

#5: Real Madrid (50.3 million)

Real Madrid’s account is successful because it frequently offers followers a “behind-the-scenes” view of the club. Likewise, your account should offer something that your followers can’t find anywhere else.

#6: 9GAG (40.4 million)

This account is for millennials, and the content shows it. With memes, fun facts, and hilarious photos, it provides entertaining posts that every millennial can relate to. This account’s success shows the value of knowing your market and sticking to it. An adult or child who stumbled upon this account would quickly get bored and leave, but its target audience adores it. Your account should do the same.

#7: Nike Football (28.4 million)

The popular football (soccer) version of Nike’s main account is a master at captions. Each one of their captions includes an interesting lead followed by a CTA (call-to-action) encouraging followers to buy their product. In essence, it’s basically unpaid advertising spurred on by great content. Your account also needs to have the same balance between content and promotion. With too much content and not enough marketing, you won’t have a very good chance at conversion. But if you blend the two together, you can draw readers in and convince them to buy your product.

#8: NASA (24.7 million)

NASA’s success is similar to that of National Geographic: quality content posted frequently with interesting captions. Their lengthy captions always include an educational aspect that keeps the viewer’s eyes glued to the screen. If you are in an information-based niche, be sure to prove to your followers that you are an expert in your field. Not only will it catch their interest, but it will also prove your credibility.

#9: NBA (23.5 million)

The NBA’s “secret sauce” is their emphasis on newsy content. They constantly provide game scores, player statistics, and other current information that keeps their readers hooked. While evergreen content is great for your blog, your social media presence needs a more newsy feel.

#10: Chanel (22.2 million)

While Chanel posts less frequently than other accounts, they provide far more videos. To be successful on Instagram, make sure your account makes use of every feature. Don’t just post the same old photos; instead, be like Chanel and incorporate rich multimedia content.

Even if you are just starting out, these successful accounts are a great guide to improving your presence on Instagram. It’s always important to see what the top dogs are doing so you can mimic their success and avoid their failures. Follow these tips and maybe one day your brand will be on this list, too.

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