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Published on July 8, 2022
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If you’re in a time crunch and putting the shipping labels on your parcels, you need your printing to keep up. This is where ShipStation Connect helps. Instead of having to go through the tedium of downloading a label or going through the rigamarole of choosing a printer on the PDF viewer, you should just be able to bypass all of that. Print should mean “Print!” 

Cloud printing, like all printing, seems to be more difficult to get right than it should be. ShipStation Connect is an efficient cloud printing feature of ShipStation that lets you print your labels, packing slips, pick lists, and order summaries with ease. Click print on your computer or smartphone and instantly print to your desktop or thermal printer on premise or at any other location or warehouse your team uses. 

If you have used ShipStation Connect since before May, 2022, you can make sure you are on the most updated version available. 

What is ShipStation Connect? 

ShipStation Connect is a cloud printing app that allows you to communicate between different workstations and devices within a warehouse or across different warehouses locations. Instead of having to download the PDFs to your computer or view them in the browser, you can simply click Generate Labels and print them to the desired printer. 

ShipStation Connect lets you print: 

  • Desktop to printer
  • Mobile app to printer
  • Between warehouses

How ShipStation Connect Helps Merchants

ShipStation Connect is integral to the core functionality of ShipStation. While the end goal of ShipStation is to print labels, there are many other things that work with ShipStation Connect to make your fulfillment process simpler. 

Scale Support

ShipStation Connect isn’t just for printers. It also helps you get instant readings from your scales connected to your computer. This lets you bypass the tedium of manual entry. Just get a weight reading, and move on to the next package. 

Bulk Printing

What good is a streamlined printing app if you have to go into each order and click print. Open the next one, print. With ShipStation and ShipStation Connect, you can select up to 500 orders—from all of your selling channels—at once and generate their labels. Combined with the scanning and scale features listed above, this moves the shipping process along quicker than you can pack the boxes. 

How Automation Helps Bulk Printing

ShipStation’s import automation rules help streamline shipping even more. When your orders import into ShipStation, you shouldn’t even have to look at them to know which shipping service they need to ship with. Whichever criteria—whether service requested in checkout, standard shipping for orders weighing under 1 lb—you can automatically apply a shipping service, assign the batch to a specific worker, select which workstation or warehouse you want to print to, and more. 

Reprint Labels and Documents Any Time 

Ok, so you may be asking yourself, what if I need to reprint the labels? How do I access these labels again? With ShipStation, simply head to the Shipments tab and you can access your existing shipments, batches, end-of-day forms, and fulfillments and reprint any label, packing slip, or document you need! This is also where you can go to see the current shipping status of your labels in transit. 

Reprint a Label – ShipStation Help U.S.


ShipStation Connect is here to help improve your entire team’s ability to print labels, weigh shipments, and get done with your workday even earlier than ShipStation already has. If you sign up for ShipStation now, you’ll be on the latest, best version of everything ShipStation has to offer. But, again, if you are an existing user and haven’t upgraded to the newest version, the steps are outlined here

To see how much time and money ShipStation can help you save, sign up for a free trial now

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