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"We are happy to integrate ShipStation as a core function of our business to help us manage our shipping process."


"We’ve saved a ton on shipping costs and cut our order fulfillment rate in half."


""ShipStation allowed us to scale enough to move out of our homes and into our own warehouse. Now we live and breathe ShipStation every day.""

Keto Chow

""ShipStation keeps everything in one place, makes splitting orders, reshipping lost orders and everything else a breeze.""


"Analytic tools for end of year analysis and quick overview of total shipments and orders is incredibly valuable and I didn't even consider it when we started using ShipStation. We are excited for 2017 with ShipStation."

Henry’s House of Coffee

"Any time I get a chance to mention [ShipStation] to a vendor or a client, I let them know. The integrated shipping labels and automation is a blessing. "

Heyday Footwear

"We sell our high performance high top gym sneakers across several channels—from our Shopify store to Amazon—and having access to all of our channels in one spot saves a lot of time during our hectic days slinging the coolest gym sneakers."

Tasty Super Foods

"This is truly the best deal of all business productivity tools currently on the market. The fact that we can set-up rules, and automate common tasks, makes printing and paying for labels quick and easy instead of a long and arduous task."

Doc Elliott

"ShipStation has really proved to be invaluable to my business. As a one-woman show, every minute of my day is spent designing, producing, packaging, and fulfilling. To have a “command center” for all things shipping is not just a convenience but imperative to the function of my e-commerce business."


"ShipStation delivers value directly to our customers, by finding the cheapest shipping rate (across multiple carriers) and has added tremendous efficiency to allow us to ship products faster."


"By adding ShipStation I was able to integrate my storefront with a tool that took the work out of shipping."

recovery warriors
Recovery Warriors

"I found out about ShipStation early in my journey and they have been there for me every step of the way, providing me with the tools that any experienced online retailer needs to be successful."

Freaker USA

"ShipStation has been the most intuitive and useful service, even for the office dingdongs."

Paleo Treats

"ShipStation is the first line in that long logistical chain. We've used other shipping software and found that ShipStation addresses our pain points better than anything out there."


"I do this all myself out of my apartment, and while growth has been a blessing, I've also kind of hoped for a little less of it. Now I'm just like "OK LET'S PRINT SOME LABELS!!!!""

The Iron Society

"I don't feel like my business needs a full blown shipping department yet, so ShipStation has allowed me to operate on a much larger scale and still be a one person business."


"Plus, with your new mobile app, we can check the status of packages anywhere, even on the boat! And customers receive timely emails to let them know when to start boiling the water and get cracking."

Beard King

"If I had to choose one favorite feature, it would be the original problem we had when we outgrew the other app: It's the batch processing feature! Being able to quickly generates a batch of orders helps save us a tremendous of time and effort!"

Growth Chart Art

"We now simply click and ship! And, my the bonus of it all: The deeply discounted USPS rates are amazing!"

The Created Co.

"ShipStation has been key for us. It's taken the headache out of shipping and given us the ability to do everything we need to do from our laptop."

Genius Pack

"We compare the shipping costs by each carrier and usually select the most cost effective carrier to ship each order, and only a powerful technology like ShipStation would enable us to compare multiple carriers to save on freight."

August Ink

"I ship all orders from my different platforms at once and I'm not wasting time viewing reports from three different places. All these things mean I'm spending less time on shipping items and more time on building my business! "


"ShipStation has made my life and the life of our logistics manager easier. Not only can we ship and track seamlessly, we can modify orders, change the ship date, and compare rates in one place."


"It gives me a view of our order queue that is easier to understand than reports in some of our other software. I can quickly see how many orders are outstanding, totals units, dollars, etc. I can filter and focus on a particular product or order size, region, etc."


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