From small beginnings to in Wilmington, NC to Shark Tank to international shipping, Freaker USA has cornered the market on socks for your drinks.

Where They Sell
“ShipStation has been the most intuitive and useful service, even for the office dingdongs.” Lauren Krakauskas Co-Founder & Director of Some Things

Between your original Kickstarter in 2011 and this year’s Kickstarter, Freaker USA is a crowdfunding celebrity—what is it about Freaker that connects with your supporters and customers?

I blame Mister Pete, the dog. People just really love looking at his eyes stare off in different directions and then they give us money. It’s like hypnosis, but much much better. Because puppies.

About how many stores and countries currently carry Freakers? Beyond the US of A, who’s the biggest consumer of Freakers?

We have about 3,000 stores in the US that carry Freakers – most of which are small independent boutiques. As per internationally – we’ve been getting a lot of retail orders for Norway, Australia and Mars recently. Also have been getting some web traffic from Russia. Putin, if you’re reading this, can I get a wassup?

Drinks and feet have been conquered—what’s next?

Blackmail? It’s on my life bucket-list, so maybe we can figure out a way to have people pay us to blackmail them. As long as I don’t ever have to deal with the FDA, I’ll be stoked for whatever we release next. (Unless the FDA would enjoy being blackmailed? Win/Win.)

Freaker started using ShipStation back in 2011, about a month after we launched. How has the experience been growing up with us?

ShipStation is great! Some of us are a little wonky donk when it comes to the constant onslaught of apps / tech / things-we-should-know-because-its-2015-damnit, but ShipStation has been the most intuitive and useful service, even for the office dingdongs. So. Thank you!

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

That it doesn’t make me feel infinitely dumb. For sure.