So much of life happens around drinks. The Created Co. strives to inspire, connect, and empower people around drinkware.

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“ShipStation has been key for us. It's taken the headache out of shipping and given us the ability to do everything we need to do from our laptop.” Jeremy Moss Co-Founder

I never thought about how much of life occurs around a glass, a mug, a drink until I read about you all. How did that realization come about?

As with many business ideas, we started this company out of a realization from our own lives. Our tagline is “Inspiring, connecting, and empowering people through everyday drinkware.” The question you’re asking really hits on the part about “connecting.” We find it to be one of the most important facets of life to spend time with a community. It’s something we strive to do in our own lives, and it’s something we want people to really strive for in their lives as well. It just so happens that so much of connecting with your community happens over a drink. How many times have you had friends or family over and the first thing you ask is: “Can I get you something to drink?” Or you sit down at your favorite local coffee shop with an old friend – over a drink. Or you sit down at a local bar with the guys from work- over a drink. Or you’re having a beautiful picnic at the park with your neighbors – over a drink. I think you get the point.

We just wanted to make something that could be a connection point for people. Sit down, slow down, grab a drink, and enjoy the people you love.

How did The Created Co. get involved with Charity: Water?

Well, we watched a keynote speech that Scott Harrision gave a few years ago and just believed completely in the mission of the organization. Not only did we believe in the mission to bring clean water to people around the world, but we also believed in the approach. I say the approach because charity: water has really done everything they can to turn themselves into one of the most recognizable non-profits in the world. That’s so important because by branding themselves this way, they’re able to be more effective, reach more donors, and ultimately get more clean water to those in need. Not only that, but they’ve made transparency and communication key components of their model which makes it really simply to track your progress as a donor. They make it really easy to get involved so we just got involved by reaching out to their customer service department, created an account, and we were on our way.

What inspired you to take to Instagram for #thecreatedcommunity and how has engaging on social media helped your brand?

We felt that many of the people with whom our brand would really resonate with were already using Instagram so we wanted to meet them there. It was our desire to have a place where we could start to build a community of people that are passionate about discovering what they were created for. Instagram became that place.

Engaging with our community via social media has been the main marketing effort we’ve pursued. We’ve put most of our energies into Instagram and it seems to have really resonated with people. We haven’t been on the platform for that long but we’ve seen incredible responses. We get emails and DM’s almost daily from people who like what they see, want to be involved, or just want to give a big thumbs up to what we’re doing.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation has been key for us. It’s taken the headache out of shipping and given us the ability to do everything we need to do from our laptop.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

I’ll say the support. Does that count? I know it’s not a feature of the software but it’s better in my opinion. I’ve called our account rep (props to Nick A.) a bunch of times and he’s helped us out tremendously. It’s like having a shipping genius in my pocket.