Sivani Designs creates handcrafted accessories, including jewelry, messenger bags, and wallets for the discerning shopper. Created in the US with only the highest quality materials, like genuine leather, sterling silver, and real gemstones to create accessories for the individualist. And they use ShipStation to make sure it gets where it needs going quickly and easily!

Where They Sell
“It's one thing to be able to ship from one place, using all the major shippers.. but it's a whole another story to be able to do that AND service multiple stores and warehouses from the same intuitive interface. We love it!” Ivan Nikolov Co-Owner

How did you start creating your own line of accessories?

Silvia: I’ve always loved working with my hands and seeing something (a product) coming to live out of raw materials and supplies. Sivani Designs started as a hobby back in 2006, sparked by my need to find an avenue for my creativity. In the beginning I was making beaded bracelets and necklaces for myself and Ivan. Around that time, with Ivan’s help, we put up a website portfolio showcasing my work. Beaded bracelets and necklaces were just the start but my line quickly evolved into fashionable jewelry for men, handmade from high quality materials – genuine leather and sterling silver. This was the real start of Sivani and our eCommerce website. In 2012 I finally found my true calling and expanded my full fashion jewelry line to include hand-stitched leather wallets and hand-crafted toiletry bags. And this is still just the beginning – I am currently working on a line of messenger and laptop bags, and I have even more design ideas that I can’t wait to bring to fruition.

Other than your products’ gorgeous design, what sets them apart?

We are committed to handmade, made in the USA, high-quality products that would last for generations. Because of the nature of our materials (genuine leather and waxed cotton canvas) and the fact that each product is handmade to order, each item has its own unique look and unique soul. We source our materials from American manufacturers and suppliers and work hard to present and preserve the true beauty and the true properties of each textile and each piece of leather.

What’s the one thing you would recommend or piece of advice you’d give to other budding jewelry-makers or entrepreneurs?

Ivan: Keep in mind that starting a business and gaining true freedom and independence is not easy… for anybody. We all have to work at it hard and many times we have to find the strength to get back up on our feet after falling on our knees. After all, the most successful people today have become what they are because they’ve mastered the art of failing… and getting back up again, and again, and again! Let’s never forget this.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

Ivan: Before we began using ShipStation we had to go to several different places to copy shipping information and paste it somewhere else in order to create a shipping label. Now with ShipStation everything is as easy as printing the shipping label. We don’t have to manually gather the customer’s shipping info from several sites – Shipstation does that automatically. And, the warehouses option is invaluable since we have more than one eCommerce websites. It’s really a time- and frustration-saver.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

Silvia: I absolutely love the Dashboard – the pie charts, the sales overview, the open order aging. It “greets” you with all the information that you need upon immediate login. I can’t help but mention the awesome shipping discounts that you guys have negotiated and the always friendly and quickly responding tech support.