Zapier Part 2: How to Build a Custom Zap

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DataAutomation is back again to bring ShipStation users their expertise on developing Zapier automations. This time we’ll get a walkthrough of how to build custom zaps, utilize searches and filters, and develop workflows beyond 2 steps. Don’t miss a chance to learn how to further automate your business using Zapier.


DataAutomation has extensive experience in developing Zapier automations, and will be walking ShipStation users through the process of developing custom Zapier automations. We will start by understanding “How to Build a Custom Zap,” which will allow the user to go beyond the templates Zapier provides and establish complex workflows. This will additionally include an overview of how to utilize Zapier’s searches and filters, as well as developing workflows that expand beyond 2 steps. 

Additionally, DataAutomation will provide suggestions and best practices when it comes to troubleshooting Zapier. This will include what to do when sample data is not included during setup, when your current Zaps break, when the components you are looking for don’t exist, or when the app you are looking for is not on Zapier. The goal of this webinar is to equip all the attendees with the knowledge they need to automate their business processes, and subsequently increase productivity and profitability.


In this webinar, our speaker(s) will go over the following topics:

  • How to build a custom Zap for ShipStation.
  • How to troubleshoot my Zap.
  • What to do if My Target App doesn’t have the components I need or isn’t integrated with Zapier?

Want to learn more? DataAutomation is offering a free consultation for your Zapier and automation needs. 

Meet Our Guest

Will Christensen

CEO, DataAutomation
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