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Published on January 4, 2022
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Last week, we had a new developer, Victor, join our team and those of us who have been here all know how much we love working for ShipStation. But, we wanted to get Victor’s opinion on how he felt coming into the ShipStation family during his first week.

Joining the ShipStation team has been quite a rush for me! There’s several things that have gotten me pretty excited just in this first week. First off, I’m pretty excited about the awesome service we offer. I didn’t realize all the different things that ShipStation was capable of. It’s no wonder why our customers love it. I also like how dedicated and focused we are on our customers. I feel like everybody here always has the customer in mind when working any task. ShipStation really does go the extra mile for our customers.

I’m also pretty excited about the great team ShipStation has. Everybody here is super dedicated to both keeping the customer happy and improving the service. Finally, the atmosphere here is just awesome. It’s collaborative, open, and free. This atmosphere makes it really easy for everyone to express ideas and work on things together. I’m thrilled about being a part of this team and hope to be with ShipStation for many years!
– Victor, Developer Gearhead

We know we’re tooting our own horn here, but we were recently named the #15 Best Place to Work in Austin, and we can’t help but share what an awesome working environment it really is.

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