Why Custom Packaging Is Crucial for Your Ecommerce Brand

Published on January 4, 2022
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This blog was contributed by Phillip Akhzar, CEO of Arka. Phillip has over a decade’s experience in packaging and has brought his expertise to Arka where he helps merchants choose the most efficient, economical, and creative packaging for their businesses.

That magical moment when Christmas comes early, and you get to open a package addressed specifically to you. It’s no wonder Maria from The Sound of Music listed “brown paper packages tied up with strings” as one of her favorite things. It’s human nature to get excited by a delivery.

And this natural reaction represents a major sales opportunity of modern day shopping. That is, exceeding expectations and capitalizing on the already-present feeling of delight by the use of unboxing.

When 45% of Americans spend their shopping budget online, people are increasingly opening up boxes of their orders. It’s one more point of contact that your brand has with the consumer, so why not maximize the return of it?

Here are three ways to make the most of your unboxing experience.

1. Customize your packaging to stand out among the rest.

Over 1/3 of customers admit they base their perception of a company on product packaging. Thus, it’s worth putting in the effort. And when it comes to customization, the sky’s the limit.

From choosing the box style that’s best for you, to applying a personal touch, here are some great ways to customize the unboxing experience.

Inside and Outside Box Printing

Buyers expect printing on the outside, which means you can wow them with a striking design on the inside.

Custom Packaging - Treemarc
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Pro Tip: Use digital printing. You’ll be able to frequently change up your packaging costs without incurring major expenses every time.

Inserts to Guide the Unboxing Experience

Lead your customers through the unboxing experience. Organize the products in your custom packaging as you intend for them to be discovered. Or number the packages in the order that they should be opened.

Custom Packaging - Verso Skincare
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Special Additions to Make It Personal

From handwritten notes to stickers and cards. Those little bonuses can make all the difference.

Custom Packaging - 2BigFeet
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Customized Tissue and Stickers

You can now customize tissue and stickers to a level that it only makes sense to make use of it. It really adds that “je ne sais quoi” to your packaging to show that your brand pays attention to detail.

Custom Packaging - Coach
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2. Let your packaging tell your brand story.

Your packaging can not only be a vehicle for your product delivery, but for your brand message, as well. Rather than waste an opportunity, have your custom packaging express your brand story. More than 60% of consumers say they’re buyers of a brand because of shared values. It pays to make those values self-evident.

Reflect Brand Values in Your Packaging

One rule of them to keep in mind is that the external packaging should reflect the contents of the order. If environmental friendliness is a brand value, consider using sustainable materials. Also, emphasize the environmental friendliness of the product on the packaging itself.

Custom Packaging - Ever Eco
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Display the Product’s Main Message on the Packaging

This skincare packaging example is a clever way of demonstrating the product inside. The packaging shows spots fading away — exactly what the acne cleanser promises to do.

Custom Packaging - Heist & Roth
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3. Delight and surprise with unexpected extras.

Nothing shows you care about your customers like going above and beyond. In this case, send them more than they asked for. For example, include unexpected discounts, promotions, offers, or samples of other products.

Offer Discount Cards for Future Purchases

SMBs report over 50% of their revenue comes from repeat purchases. So it makes sense to put effort into cultivating relationships and giving customers an incentive to buy.

One effective method is to include a card with a discount code for your loyal buyers’ next purchase. Not only will they (hopefully) love the product and want more, but they’ll also be able to get it at a discounted rate.

Custom Packaging - Thank You Note

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Add in Branded Extras to Boost Word of Mouth Marketing

Everyone loves free stuff. So why not add in some low-cost additions? They’ll not only delight your buyer, but also increase your brand recognition.

Consider adding stickers or quotes. These are the sort of things people love to display and share.

Custom Packaging - Howdy

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Generate Social Media Buzz With Specific Asks

Use inserts to ask your clients to share images of the products on social media with a specific hashtag. Or ask them to leave a review. Use every opportunity to squeeze the most value out of the purchase and your custom packaging.

Custom Packaging - RiffRaf Crafts

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Packaging is a major customer touch-point. Make it count.

Packaginging is an often underrated touchpoint for communicating with your customers. But it’s actually a great method for standing out among your competitors.

Let Arka help you stay memorable with your customers through custom packaging.

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