USPS Media Mail Rate Increase on August 29, 2021

Published on August 5, 2022
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NOTE: The USPS raised the price of Media Mail by an average of 12.1% in January of 2022. For more information head to our updated 2022 Media Mail Rates Guide.

While the new year brings the usual annual USPS rate increase, there can occasionally be additional rate increases that happen throughout the year. USPS’s financial woes have been an issue for them ever since the Postal Accountability and Enhancement bill in 2006. Even as ecommerce booms, the USPS continues to operate at a deficit. So even as ecommerce sales figure outpace projections by several years, carriers are struggling to keep up with this sharp demand. USPS Media Mail is now seeing new rate increases ahead of the holiday season in 2021.

What is USPS Media Mail? 

USPS Media Mail is a low-cost USPS service that allows you to mail physical media such as:

  • Books
  • CDs
  • Vinyl Records
  • Cassette tapes
  • DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • other bound material at least 8-pages in length

These types of physical media are available at a discounted rate through the USPS. This is a slower service than First Class or Priority Mail. One reason for the longer transit time is that, unlike other USPS services, Media Mail can be inspected to verify permitted contents. Unlike USPS First Class Mail, Media Mail has not changed to a zone-based pricing structure and parcels shipped locally cost the same as they do when shipping across the country. 

Started by president Roosevelt in 1930, Media Mail was initially referred to as “Library Mail” and was enacted to help keep costs low when transporting books. Luckily, the USPS has not retired this service. It still allows physical media sellers and businesses to operate at a decent profit margin.

For a full list of the USPS’s August 29th, 2021 rate increases including new letter and envelope rates, click here.

Media Mail Rates for August 29th, 2021

Weight does not exceed

August 2021 USPS Medial Mail rate

1 lb. $3.19
2 lbs. $3.82
3 lbs. $4.45
4 lbs.$5.08
5 lbs. $5.71
6 lbs. $6.34
7 lbs. $6.97
8 lbs. $7.60
9 lbs. $8.23
10 lbs.* $8.86
Weight does not exceed (5 lb. increments) August 2021 USPS Media Mail rate (cont’d.)
15 lb. $12.01
20 lbs. $15.16
25 lbs. $18.31
30 lbs.$21.46
35 lbs. $24.61
40 lbs. $27.76
45 lbs. $30.91
50 lbs. $34.06
55 lbs. $37.21
60 lbs. $40.36
65 lbs.$43.51
70 lbs.$46.66

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