Shipping Basics

Shipping is more than the last step in an order lifecycle. A good shipping strategy can set you up for success in many other areas of running a business. Learning the basics of shipping and ShipStation will help you save time and money on far more than just order fulfillment. A good shipping workflow touches and integrates with many ecommerce softwares. We’ll help you figure out how shipping fits into the bigger picture of your business. 

Whether you need to discover more about new carriers, automating your shipping workflow, discover new places to sell, or understand customer demands a little better, these are the resources to help you get ship done! 

Shipping Basics
The Art of the Thank You for Purchase Email

Thank you notes are underappreciated. I love giving them. I love receiving them. In fact, all kinds of “thank you” are great. We can never give or receive too much thanks and appreciation. This extends beyond our personal lives. Thanking others is important in business, too. In the retail world. Think about how cashiers generally thank customers after a […]

Facebook Page for Your Retail Business Shipping Basics
How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Retail Business

Do you have a Facebook Page for your retail business? You should! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a Facebook Page for your brand.

Get Started with Twitter Ads Shipping Basics
How Online Retailers Can Get Started with Twitter Ads

Focusing solely on Facebook and Instagram for your social media marketing? Here’s how to incorporate Twitter Ads into your strategy.

Facebook Messenger Ads Shipping Basics
3 Types of Facebook Messenger Ads You Should Be Using

Wondering if Facebook Messenger ads are right for your brand? Take a look at the benefits and the 4 types of ads you should take advantage of.

Holiday Gift Guide Placements Shipping Basics
5 Ways to Increase Holiday Gift Guide Placements Potential

Want to maximize your opportunities for 4th quarter publicity? Check out these tips for how to increase your holiday gift guide placements potential.

Optimize Instagram With Shoppable Posts Shipping Basics
How To Optimize Your Instagram Account With Shoppable Posts

If you’re a small business, it’s time to optimize your Instagram feed by taking advantage of the shopping on Instagram feature.

Shipping Basics
Google Shopping Optimization Guide to Increasing Conversions: Product Titles

In a previous blog, we talked about optimizing Google product titles (Part I). In part II we’ll be discussing product descriptions. Similar to titles, product descriptions have the power to impact sales. Nielsen Norman Group’s found “20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or unclear product information.” And digital marketing expert Neil […]

Drive Ecommerce Sales with Image Optimization Shipping Basics
How to Drive Ecommerce Sales With Image Optimization

For ecommerce brands, image optimization is just as important as search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s how to optimize your images for a higher rank.

Shipping Basics
Best Times to Post on Social Media

The best hours to post content on various social media platforms to increase engagement.

Ecommerce Personalization Tools Shipping Basics
Upgrade the CX with Personalized Ecommerce Marketing

Personalization is the key to a better customer experience. Here are 5 tools to help you better execute personalized ecommerce marketing.

Types of Facebook Live Videos Shipping Basics
5 Types of Facebook Live Videos All Retailers Should Use

Want to generate sales, increase traffic, and boost engagement? Then take a look at 5 types of Facebook Live Videos you need to be using.

Grow Your Email List with Instagram Shipping Basics
5 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Instagram

Ecommerce brands aren’t limited to using Instagram just for social media marketing. Here are 5 easy ways you can use Instagram to grow your email list.

Shipping Basics
Google Shopping Optimization Guide to Increasing Conversions: Product Descriptions

Looking to make the most of your Google Shopping campaigns? Take a look at part I of our essential Google Shopping Optimization guide.

Instagram Verification Shipping Basics
Why and How to Get Instagram Verification

Instagram verification offers big benefits for ecommerce companies. Here’s how online retailers can get verified on Instagram.

Online Retail Abbreviations Shipping Basics
The Top 20 Most Valuable Online Retail Abbreviations

The quicker you can pass on important order information, the better. Here are 20 helpful online retail abbreviations to speed up internal communications.

Make Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out Shipping Basics
6 Useful Tips to Help Your Ecommerce Store Stand Out Online

Want to make your ecommerce store stand out from your competition? Here are 6 tips to grab the attention of your target customers.

Facebook Pixel Shipping Basics
Why Your Business Should Use the Facebook Pixel

What is the Facebook Pixel and why should you care about it? Because it’s an advertising game-changer. Learn the basics about this powerful analytics tool.

noissue Managing Ecommerce Packaging Shipping Basics
3 Tips for Taking Care of Your Ecommerce Packaging

Everything you need to know about your ecommerce packaging – from what kind you should use to planning your packaging budget.

Canva Free Content Creation Tools For Instagram Shipping Basics
Free Content Creation Tools That Can Revolutionize Your “Instagram Game”

Your Instagram feed is an essential element of your brand story. As people scroll through, they can quickly form an impression of your business based on what you’re sharing. And what they see will ultimately shape their opinions of your brand. In short, your Instagram page is a big deal. Now you may be asking […]

Ecommerce Back-to-School Marketing Shipping Basics
Back-to-School Marketing Tips for Your Ecommerce Company

The first day of school is just around the corner! Here’s how ecommerce companies can build effective back-to-school marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Marketing Content Shipping Basics
5 Examples of Must-Have Ecommerce Marketing Content

Is it time to give your online marketing a facelift? Here are 5 types of ecommerce marketing content you should definitely be using.

Bonus Instagram Marketing Tips Shipping Basics
10 More Essential Instagram Marketing Tips

We recently shared a few of our favorite Instagram marketing tips. Now it’s time for 10 more. Check out the best ways to use Instagram to build your brand.

Instagram Marketing Tips Shipping Basics
10 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need to Know Now

Looking for ways to take advantage of Instagram to bring in new customers? Here are 10 expert Instagram marketing tips to help you build your brand.

Custom Packaging is Crucial for Ecommerce Shipping Basics
Why Custom Packaging Is Crucial for Your Ecommerce Brand

Custom packaging makes your brand stand out from your competition and wins points with your customers. Here’s how to make your packaging memorable.


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