Our Brand

These standards have been developed to ensure consistency wherever the ShipStation brand exists.

Our Logo

This is our logo. It is shown below in its primary form. There are two versions to ensure optimum legibility. The one on the left should be used when backgrounds are white. The version on the right should be used on dark backgrounds.

Download ShipStation logos below.

Our Icon

It’s our logo stacked. Use it only when and where space is limited (ex. when you require an image with 1:1 ratio or a square format).

Download ShipStation logos below.

Monotone Logos

Use our main logo when possible. These can be used as a substitute, only when absolutely necessary. Use the one on the left on light backgrounds and the one on the right on dark backgrounds.

Download ShipStation logos below.

Download Logos

If you have received approval to use our logo and need the current logo files, you can download a ZIP file below. If you have any questions please reach out via our form.


Space, Sizing, and Rules

The clear space should be a gear’s width at the top, bottom, left, and right of the logo.

The stacked logo’s clear space should be one gear’s width (from the ShipStation Type) on the top, bottom, left, and right of the logo and between the large gear and the ShipStation type.


• Do use only use these versions of the logos

• Do scale the logo proportionally

• Do use high-resolution versions

• Do make sure there is enough contrast between the logo and the background

• Do always capitalize the first and second S in ShipStation

• Do include the registered trademark symbol on the logo unless given executive approval (optional on swag and in the product)


• Don’t warp or stretch the logo

• Don’t crop the logo in any way

• Don’t add any artwork or text to the logo

• Don’t use low-resolution versions of the logo

• Don’t apply shadows, glows, or outlines

• Don’t apply texture or gradients

• Don’t re-draw or re-type the logo

• Don’t remove the gear in the logo

• Don’t use colors that aren’t listed on this page below

• Don’t place the logo on backgrounds that distract or compete with the logo

Clear space should be used to maintain visibility and impact. Please use a gear’s width as clear space on the top, bottom, left, and right of the ShipStation mark.

The minimum size is 20 px for online use and .75 in for print material. Please avoid making the logo any smaller to ensure legibility.


The primary colors appear the most in our user interfaces (main action buttons, etc), and the secondary colors appear as alerts, badges, errors etc.

Primary Colors

  • #4c4c4c

  • #1c272c

  • #909090

  • #173680

  • #265bd3

  • #2e6dff

Secondary Colors

  • #6cbe45

  • #ff9900

  • #f40f0f


Adelle Sans is used in a very limited way in the product (only in the top navigation, sidebar, and titles), and as large, bold headers for marketing material. Please only use Adelle Sans Bold for headlines marketing materials (H1 and H2). Roboto is the workhorse typeface, used for body copy, captions, and everywhere in the UI: data in grids, forms, buttons, and labels.

Heading 1

Adelle Sans Bold

Heading 2

Adelle Sans Bold

Body Copy

Roboto Regular



We describe ShipStation customers as Users in the context of the app and as Merchants or Online Sellers in the context outside of the app. Unless we are talking about their customers as well, in which case we’d say our user’s or merchant’s customers.


There are a few ways to write out “e-commerce”. At ShipStation we use the spelling “ecommerce,” unless at the beginning of a sentence in which case we use “Ecommerce.”

Oxford Comma

The Oxford Comma is the final comma in a list of things. Always use it.

Mission Statement

Wherever you sell. However you ship. Exceptionally efficient.


  • Welcome to Shipping Nirvana.™
  • Shipping Nirvana™