Expand your marketplace presence to Target Plus, Macy's, Kohl's and more!

Acenda is a leading marketplace integration platform and service for top-tier marketplaces: Target Plus, Macy’s, Kohl’s and more.

Acenda seamlessly connects your business to over 50 leading retailers and marketplaces so you can grow without time-consuming administrative barriers. Acenda’s flexible CMS platform allows fast and easy product content optimization, enhancing exposure and conversions and automating syndication across all your sales channels. Streamline operations with Distributed Order Management (DOM) technology that keeps a tight reign on your inventory and orders, reducing defects and shipping costs – while fully integrating with your ShipStation account.

With Acenda’s advanced listing capabilities and ShipStation’s fulfillment technology, mutual clients are able to build and run a comprehensive multi-channel eCommerce business from the cloud in as little as 15 minutes. Acenda supports API, EDI, and advanced integrations leading marketplaces. Acenda and ShipStation work together to ensure optimal product, inventory, and order management, time and cost savings, and customer engagement.

Sell on Target Plus
Acenda is Target Plus’s #1 partner and integrator

Sell on Macys.com Marketplace
Acenda is Macys.com’s first and pioneer partner

Sell on Kohls.com Marketplace
Acenda is Kohls.com marketplace pioneer partner

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