Sigmund Communication

About Sigmund

Sigmund is a +30 digital experts team focused on designing and developing engaging web and mobile solutions tailored to their customers’ complex business reality. They seamlessly connect your website to your ecosystem third-party systems, creating next-level user experience. While they specialize in understanding your visitors’ needs, they help you capitalize on your eCommerce full potential.

Features We Support

1. Research and design – Their approach places your users at the center of the digital experience to foster engagement and drive them to action.

2. Strategy – Your digital opportunities are multiple, Sigmund is on a mission to help you see more clearly and feed you with personalized marketing strategies based on your business goals.

3. Programming – Their methodology is rigorous and supported by advanced open source technologies. For them, there is no question of compromising on the quality or safety of what they develop. That goes without saying, right?

ShipStation ♥ Sigmund

Sigmund brings the customer experience to a new level while Shipstation improves the merchant experience, facilitating shipping and fulfillment aspects. As partners, we deliver top of the line eCommerce projects.

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