ShipStation is an official FedEx UK® Compatible shipping software, which means you get your contract rates + all our other features!

About Integration with FedEx in the UK

This integration is an exciting new extension of our relationship with FedEx in the UK. It functions the same as our existing FedEx integration, meaning that once your FedEx account  has been connected  to ShipStation you will automatically see your contract rates plus all other ShipStation features.

Features We Support for FedEx in the UK

Contract Rates
Any ShipStation label you create for FedEx shipments in the UK will use your contracted rates.

Domestic & International Services
FedEx Economy, FedEx 1Day® Freight, FedEx® Next Day, FedEx® Next Day by 9 a.m., FedEx® Next Day by 10 a.m., FedEx® Next Day by 12 noon, FedEx Europe First®, FedEx International Economy®, FedEx International First® and FedEx International Priority®.

3rd Party Billing
Bill the label (including duties & taxes) to a third party.

Electronic Customs Information Transmission (ETD)
Shipping internationally from the UK with FedEx? We can transmit your customs information electronically (qualified countries only – read more about qualified/non-qualified countries).

Label Customization
In addition to order # and other information, you can also put the Customer Reference, Invoice, or PO numbers on your labels.

Ship with Dry Ice
Include a dry ice requirement with your FedEx shipments. (Availability is subject to agreement with and in accordance with the terms of your agreement with FedEx.)

Saturday Delivery
Need something to be delivered by FedEx on a Saturday; add FedEx’s Saturday Delivery requirement to your shipment (where available).

Multi-package Shipping
Shipping several packages to the same address with FedEx – FedEx can handle that.

ShipStation ♥ FedEx

At ShipStation we are committed to exceptionally efficient shipping, no matter how or where you ship, which is why extending our reach to the UK through this integration is so important to us.  If you sell online and want to ship with FedEx in the UK, ShipStation will save you time and money on shipping so that you can focus more on your business and less on fulfillment.


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