"Analytic tools for end of year analysis and quick overview of total shipments and orders is incredibly valuable and I didn't even consider it when we started using ShipStation. We are excited for 2017 with ShipStation."

The Burlap Bag

"Before ShipStation, Lauren had to try to remember everything she needed to tell Josiah that needed to be shipped out, while Josiah was scrambling to figure out what was priority. ShipStation has simplified that process by putting everything in one place. "

Draw Attention

"Kyle...still had the Shipstation stressball on his desk. We looked you up, saw you integrated with Square, and we’ve been sailing pretty much ever since then. The experience so far has been PHENOMENAL. We definitely don’t know how else we’d be doing this without you."

"We did ecommerce the hard way for too long. ShipStation dramatically cut down the time from receiving an order to getting it shipped out, and keeps us totally organized with a centralized record of our orders from all different channels."

Botanical Arts Press

"Our favorite thing about ShipStation is how it integrates with our MagentoGo store so that our orders show up automatically in ShipStation! That is the best!"


"I tell any new entrepreneur how easy it is to start a company with a hosted shopping cart, ShipStation, and a thermal label printer."


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