Web Scraping: Gathering Data Without Disruption

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For most merchants, having an extensive check list of day-to-day priorities is a given. But what if you could permanently cross some of the most time-consuming tasks off that list?

Join experts from DataAutomation and ShipStation on a webinar that uncovers insider insights on getting started with web scraping and all the ways you can leverage web scraping to your advantage.



In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why you should care about web scraping.
    • We identify common processes that involve gathering or inputting large amounts of data from the web, and even how to avoid legal problems with web scraping.


  • How to monitor your competitors for better business decisions.
    • Competitor Price Monitoring and Comparison Engine Data give you the upper hand with access to your competitor’s pricing and other valuable information


  • Show to use web scraping to create better listings.
    • Learn how web scraping can be used to fill out forms as well as login to your shop and create listings all on its own.


  • What technologies are available for web scraping.
    • Dexi.io, Selenium, Google Sheets, Python Requests and Beautiful Soup… discover the web scraping tech that works best for you.


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Will Christensen

DataAutomation, CEO
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